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Now a like that you know. This group came from Philadelphia Pennsylvania and this group. This was one of their big hits long lonely nights you know and You know the lead singer Lee Andrews was born Arthur Lee Andrews Thompson on June second. Nineteen thirty six and like I said he is the father of Almere quests love Thompson and singer Songwriter. Don T and he he missed the Lee Andrews is the son of singer Beechy Thompson of the Gospel. Music group the Dixie hummingbirds and you know Liangelo. He passed away on March. Sixteen Twenty Sixteen at the age of seventy nine and you know he is also one of the forerunners of doo-wop error as well. And you know the singers Not only was Leandro. Spur Roy. Calhoun first tenor Thomas. Butch Curry Second Tenor Ted. Weems baritone and Wendell Calhoun base. And you know they leave a remarkable legacy on the roots of doo-wop soul baby. This is a bowl of soul. I'm enjoying this. Because there's lots of connections here in a lot of music and a lot of groups and a lot of your rb soul groups get their foundation right from here from doo-wop coming up next the schoolboys talking about please say you want me from nineteen fifty seven and this is a bowl of soul breath. You're listening to you. Want me Ooh Ooh I you off a I owe me a giving you that classic do op from Harlem's own the schoolboys. And you know this group. They had a number thirteen. Rb Hit with this song. Please say you want me. And they were the group members. Were Leslie Martin. Lead Roger Hayes. Tetter James McKay Baritone Rinaldo gamble base. You know they. They really didn't last that long I think they were around for like they were like short. Lived there around for about maybe three years but the school boy's typified the East Coast. Preteen SOPRANO SAL. They were short. Lived but they got their injury. Incident recording business which was facilitated at the time from ww. Rl's district New York. Disc Jockey. Tommy Dr Jive smalls who introduced group and the group and Tommy smalls was able to arrange for the school boys to be side. So the Okay Records Label. A this is a bowl of. Sola coming up next. I liked the song this was done by the female lead. You know like I said doo-wop lasted till about nineteen sixty five so in nineteen sixty to deal with. This group called the sensations where they had to salt. Let me and this is a bowl of soul. Can't feed Dan bad hot Rod Bad the sensations from.

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