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And search mix okay can do that twice a sidebar story of the golden state killer is a story of a man who was convicted of white might have been one of the killings of the golden state keller and it's about a woman nineteen seventy eight a waitress twenty four years old beaten raped strangled in her apartment and just down the hallway in the apartment or four year old son smothered and suffocated to death in his bed so hours after the body was discovered the bodies by relative craig coley was arrested former boyfriend that recently broken up he was charged first trial resulted in hung jury they tried him again convicted of murdering nineteen eighty sentenced to life in prison without possibility parole he was behind bars for more than thirty eight years adamant that he was innocent petition for clemency clemency no luck well there is a police detective in the city of c valley were this happened and he started looking at the case and this is what they do cold coldcase and said there's something really hinky here there's just something wrong about this and.

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