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Dole tasking. That sort of thing so that study that was supposed to have been finished by now is just restarting this week. Another covid casualty delay. i do love so you know. Stroke is close to my heart and You mentioned including people that phages so kudos to you. I think that's so important and i still see studies. Where feta's that gives people out of them. Were there any adaptations you needed to do to the scale to make it official friendly no because we designed it intentionally upfront. In that it's color coded it has numbers and it has words and what an deci will be perfectly honest about. I've tried to read you. Know psychometric studies and properties. And i have not figured out how to validate isn't the right word. But assess the use people what we noticed that people use one of those modalities at the time so the folks with Asia on tend to look at the colors or they look at the color and they point to that square. The students by large tend to use the word so instead of giving number. They'll come back with you. Know i feel blah blah not just quote you that definition and other people use the numbers so i think because it had different modalities to access it. We haven't really had an issue. With people. With efficient i will say people with severe receptive of phase of the few people who we are not sure they actually understood. The concept of it up front page has not been an issue as far as we can tell you right okay. now that's that's wonderful. And then are there any exclusion criteria or. I guess i should say what. What are your inclusion exclusion criteria for the populations. You're testing out this. This measure so for the strokes. The stroke study that we're doing right now. It's really just anybody would. It's chronic anybody more than six months past their stroke. Who on self identifies as having balanced difficulties or feels like they're limiting their activities because we fear of falling on or because of poor balance they. I mean the usual restrictions orthopedic or or cardiovascular issues that make the type of exercise unsafe Those types of things but nothing. I'm the cognitive ram including even The the the degree of asia So i think we sort of self limit there. Because of somebody's receptive officials severe enough that they can't understand our study than they also can't understand our consent and sort landed just not equipped to to go that step beyond wonderful That i mean that makes sense and so your data collection will start. I'm hearing different predictions of fall into winter but It's looking like there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. We are beginning. Are data collection again tomorrow. Congratulations that's good news. And what's what's your end that you still need an an and we're people go. If they want to participate. I think they will. We had quite a few people so with the first call out for people who are interested in coming in I think most of the people were not allowed to not ask him about the vaccination but most of them volunteered that they are vaccinated It's a really stringent. I'm on the university committee for You know kobe. Human subjects research approvals. And it's were stringent than any of the clinical settings around but we we're looking for about twelve more folks and we've got ten on to come in and be screened in the next couple of days. Oh good oh nipple hit. I think we'll hit that in. And is it a one time visit or is it no we we have to evaluation visits upfront at the end. And it's ten intervention sessions. I okay but ten out of twelve already at least hopefully screen. So that's good good step so with that It looks like in the next year we might see a new publication. And i love that. It'll be a validation on stroke on but the next step is What what else do you have in your pipeline are. What's the next study that you wanna start once you finish this one. So the as far as the scale we mostly used it with Reactive so we've done reactive testing before and after our interventions so we're looking at both I would. I would love to find kinetics that identify balance difficulty and not just balanced performance. Because i think that hover somebody sways or how quickly they step or any of those. Things has more to do with their balance ability or their performance the balanced task than it does with difficult task was in the first place once. They're really strict instructions about stand there and do not sway. Do not move. So i would. I would love to be able to find a way. And i've talked with some of the engineers about some little bit higher level modeling. that's beyond my immediate ability and things to look at because the world of of wearable sensors make some of those measures if you could create the mathematical model to go with the measures are easy. So that's sorry no that's okay so I'm just chewing on the idea of wearables which is such a hot topic And it and it definitely opens up the ability to assess and more real environments to right. If it's not a million dollar cents or that you're afraid to let leave your clinic. Yes but the other thing. I i was in a recent conversation with of the weinstein. So the The the university of southern california motor behavior neuro rehabilitation lab and they were talking about h. reflects and and and and we're ables but specific to the wearables And what the data is that. They collect how it's converted And one that's really telling you versus what somebody has decided to say. It means exact on which kind of blew my mind is like. That's a whole 'nother tier. I had never even considered. I just believed that. I was very naive. And my belief of these sensors so when you talk about wearables and one of them is the. Apd 'em right which is a very expensive but has some has some pedigree with horrid being part of the development that company Even that sensor right where let you can buy the whole suite of if you're early wealthy and you put them on you know ankles and waste and each wrist and i think there's one at the chest and it that's a lot to get a person aware right so it starts to become like well it's not gonna be just running around and putting this on so have you talked at all about. Are you looking at like. What are the best options out there to try to have something. So at this point. I think that I'm not convinced that any of the commercial systems at this point have the variables that i'm necessarily looking for. I think they they are on their way. They have been. They are getting to.

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