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Time is now eight ten with election day, right around the corner. House preparation going in mccone county since they don't currently have a clerk with a look now, we're joined live and local by county executive Marquette. Thanks for joining us this morning. Mark jackie. Yeah. Really nice to speak with you. So what's going on? How you guys have been able to as first of all how have you been able to handle things so far and going forward and Tuesday? How will things be looking. Well, I think the court judges do the right thing the removal of Jerry Springer Corrado hearing saw court county, they had a choice to replace her with somebody in the interim in the big pick a young baby I should say quake, some type Kathy Smith from inside. It's she has done it remarkable job of bringing back to stability that office. But also all the records are up to date all the filings. And so the judges could be happier as well. As the public with the work. She's done to stabilize it office. You hear nothing about the preseason era. In that office because of the work done by the ladies and that office some of that. So she's she's really turned it around, and we're very grateful and thankful for her work. And you know, I'd article earlier this week in the paper about Karen sprang or just some really bizarre goings on. There was this were you aware of what was going on all of the during the time that she was there. Yeah. Fully high everything. And again, I I hate to say it. I think there was something else going with her. It's it's a different mindset. I was just saying about an expert in any area of public official and the law enforcement, but you'll have an experience with people. There's there's something different about her. And that's you know, it's kind of a sad reality. So. Yeah. We were stuck with that challenges in the election cycle prior to the vote that that office. So in terms of what's been happening in terms of absentee ballots and so far. What has the clerk manhandling handling or the interim clerk handling and have you seen record numbers of absentee ballots coming into your office's. Yeah. The way it looks. I think we're gonna see a huge turn out here in mccone county. And you know, what's what's reason for that is because midterm, I don't know if it's just because people are anxious about other proposal on the ballot or just Royal rates. So you know, there's there's a lot of factors that can play under this year. We're going to see I I tend to think you're gonna see a lot of the dependence. So turn out to see a lot of the women's right out of frustration at the national level in your in some of the issues at the staple. So I I think it's going to be a huge turnout. I do believe probably this time you're gonna see favoring up. I'll be more the other democratic side of the ticket. And in terms of for for our listeners in terms of going forward, Kathy Smith, obviously the interim person handling all the clerk activities right now. What will the next steps going forward? Be. Well, it depends on who gets elected into that office. You know, whatever happens say it's a two year vision because they gotta run. For the normal cycle. So they're just running for this. I guess if you feel the two year remainder of that term so in two years ago to run again, and I could imagine whoever wins this is probably gonna have a challenge on the other side of the ticket. Once what's done with her two years. All right. County executive mccone county executive Mark Hackell, Mark. It's always good to have you on the air with us. Thank you so much for joining us and good luck on Tuesday. Thanks, jack. You just want to what's again encourage everybody get out Mary important. Thank you. All right, w w j news time is now eight fourteen and we will check in with sports. That's coming up next everybody. He Randazzo here Randazzo..

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