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The Cape in shadow after a summer House party attended by restaurant workers. 10 people testing positive. They're off Fattal of fatal crash on Cape Cod you Armand. Police say a speeding car last night veered off the road and into a tree around 11 o'clock. This was on old Main street in your arm at the car was split in half. The victim's name has not been released. Traffic and weather together We start things off and say good morning again. Kevin Brennan. Joining us is always With a Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the three's Good morning, Kevin. Good morning there, Lori. Yeah, it looks like we cleared that crash on the expressway North bound by the Dorchester Yacht Club. You got some residual delays granted, half getting up through the pontiff. But once you clear that you may get a tap of the breaks up through Savin Hill, then you're OK up into the O'Neill tunnel. South bound. You're locked up here from South Bay. Most of the way down through Savin Hill. You clear that gas tank you back up to speed getting down to the brain tree split you get on Route three, South bound a minor tap of the breaks here with the Derby Street Lane, dropping him and then a nice clean ride all the way down through that Plymouth stretch where you've got about 1/2 a mile back up Still after Sagamore Bridge heading on Cape Over at the born bridge, just slowdowns on the bridge itself, getting over and into the born rotary over on 1 95 eastbound Watch out for left Lane Guard rail crew's just before exit for here in the summer set Now up to the north 93 North bound, jammed up to 13 in Methuen up into the right lane closure on the New Hampshire side here in Salem, getting up towards exit one. And for 95 North bound, got some brake lights approaching the ward Hill connector up in behavioral. This report sponsored by indeed dot com If the next step for your business is finding a high impact, higher try indeed. They're flexible payment options.

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