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Having a little too much fun today, thanks to Gary Player who joined us last hour way live on crap and shamed Byron Metcalf out of the room, but he's back in here now. Great to have you. You okay, Myron after that from Gary? I mean, he didn't say anything. My mom didn't say to me last week. Could be that. You know, I'm getting there said you need to watch your weight s so appreciate you. Only the bomb still being here Sunday morning on ESPN radio as we get set for the PGA Championship Final round, with Phil teeing off later on today. Also later on today. LeBron James and the Lakers Open up their playoff series with the Phoenix Suns. Let's welcome in Mark Spear, senior MBA writer for the undefeated Joining us here on the Goodyear Hotline brought to you by Good year helping you discover the road ahead. Goodyear. Maura driven Mark before we get to the syriza itself. And thanks for being with us. What did you make of what happened with LeBron? Or maybe more specifically, what didn't happen with LeBron? This week when he reportedly was found in breach of the embassy, health and safety protocols. He didn't do that. All right. Reading from the book a minute. I'm Sorry. Go ahead. Does it not being facetious? I'm like you couldn't do that. You didn't do that. I didn't do anything wrong, Sam. Oh, nothing wrong, right? No, this. This isn't playing with you. I guess you guys want a real answer. No. I mean, I've had it before. We're marked like you say things and I'm like, Oh, God. Did I get it wrong? And so I just wait and I just let you go. Uh, the You know, uh Come on, man there goes to spend now. You got the band here. Kill somebody. I'm sorry. Some people get different rules, right? Is that a bad looking all over for the league? T o Let him not man. Shoot me. We need our jobs. Let me see him being right suit. Little Blake. Yeah. Mark, Where are you right now? We're working right now. What are you doing? Like you feel very loose. You feel like Ready for the MBA. Wouldn't uh I don't know. I just Uh, we think that he doesn't have Ah, like that. They're gonna suspend him. Just you were fools, right? Know I'm at a golf course with my nephews Act and where Not golf in it. Just have good breakfast here. And I will. I rode my bike this morning. I'm telling All right. I don't I hope we're not interrupting Mark like I feel bad Now I feel bad. Your little baby that you know why they didn't little abroad Plaid. LeBron James. It is that simple. He's nothing is going to happen to Ah, LeBron except he's going to take the floor later on today, Um How would you I guess characterized the path that is in front of them, knowing the seed that they have, but knowing if Choc holds, this will be probably one of the toughest challenges that any MBA team has had to face if they get the distance. Well, this is business only the toughest challenge of LeBron. Playoff career. He's never had less than a four seed, which that's been the case three times. But the Bee's 70 is particularly difficult because you know, they've I'm gonna be the underdog in tow. And well, I guess in theory, but they're going to start on the road. Everywhere they go. They do not have home court advantage. Um So that's new. Obviously, this is a different day right now where you know we're not talking about packed houses because of Cove it But there's this is certainly different than the path he had a year ago when he played A year ago, They got injured Damon Lillard and C. J. McCollum in the first round in the second round. He had a injured Russell Westbrook and in the third round, they, you know, got a young Denver Nuggets team and then in the finals, they got a shocking Miami team, so they avoided Milwaukee, They avoided the Clippers. They avoided to run on everybody in Boston. That's not their fault that they avoided who they avoided. Um, but it is what it is right? So, but this time that they haven't been as fortunate, obviously a bronze injuries and Anthony Davis injuries have been Really, um, itself on this franchise and Um, from what I saw the other day, guys, I mean, it seems like LeBron was playing on one leg. And I don't know where he's going to get the rest. You know you could tell the ankle was bad. He was deferring the Schroeder and in terms of allowing Schroeder play point, so I think it really, but who's them? To have Anthony Davis, who's had success against the Sun's basically take this team on the solar than is difficulties. It will be trying to get this series over as soon as possible. So the bronchi get some rest. Mar. Boston has some good good stretches. But when Katie and Kyrie and James Harden decided to take over, it was clear they were in a different league. How many teams Easter West? Could actually give the Nets a series. Do you think Um if the Nets are completely healthy, they're claiming across. I don't think there's any team on their level. It kind of reminds me of the lawyers when they had staff and playing a kg together. They're just Extremely e mean talented from scoring standpoint and then their death is better, and they get credit for Um, you know, Joe Harris is outside threat that, um You have to keep in mind and the right Blake Griffin's not to break Griffin old but he's still somebody that you've got to pay attention to so that they could stay healthy. I don't see anybody stopping them. Marc Spears joining us We're going to see the Knicks later on taking on the Hawks. Nate McMillan was 5 25 grand for saying the MBA wants the Knicks needs the Knicks to be in the playoffs. What did you make of? The crime and punishment. Who was a lot of dough? That's what I said. No, it's cool. I'm enjoying them being in there. If anything, I think the embassy tried kicking themselves now for not having the warriors in the playoffs. Um, you know, with all due respect to the Memphis Grizzlies, who earned it, I mean, you had an opportunity. You basically put the Lakers and the Warriors the two most popular schemes in the lead in a position where they could have been eliminated and one of them, Woz. I mean, think about it. If stuff in would have finished out the game the other day, and they beat the Lakers the way the Lakers been playing right now. It's certainly possible that They could have lost in Memphis and So you know, I know everybody's in love with the play in and Silver says that he wants it back. But there's something that you have to evaluate that there is a process that these that one of your marquee teams could get eliminated and you gotta live with that. And that's what happened Instead, I know we got great ratings. I'm sure for ESPN. The Warriors Games on Wednesday and on Friday, right Lakers of Memphis games with them. Now you lose the Warriors for a whole series. I know I'm no Memphis people don't care. In terms of watching the game of basketball warriors. Lakers Knicks I mean the necks of the most valuable franchise an MBA so Yeah, it is best for the league when the best teams were there, and Um as the greatest the nets are. I still think people in New York care more about the Knicks and the Nets. Marc Spears from the undefeated mark. Thanks so much for taking time out today we pass the time and I'm sorry about the first answer of it started you or anything..

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