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What's next for you as far as areas classic. So, what's next for me is obviously, I'll be working on the social media sites trying to get those kind of on give them a new look basically given the facelift I've been talking about but then one of the things that I would absolutely love to do is I want to try and start racing more again. I don't know if that's going to be financially possible to race every year, I would love to raise every year but it's kind of expensive flying airplane that far is not only are you competing in the twenty four hundred mile race you're also getting to the start and back from the start Um, which can also be just as long but I'd love to raise with the my friend. Lin. K. would who you've mentioned multiple different times on throughout the conversation and then another goal line is whenever I race I love to bring a new racer a first time racer on the race with me. So we can expose more female pilots to the areas classic maybe give him some. Something to look forward to and possibly spread the word about the area says well But my ultimate goal don't know if I can swing it or not. In nine years I would love to find one of the original aircraft that were was flown on the nineteen twenty, nine race wanted to travel errors. Lockheed, one of the ones that those pioneering woman flew not the exact airport not not like these specific serial number Intel number because obviously they're probably not really around unless they're in a museum somewhere the type so. I'd love to find that type and then fly it on the twenty twenty-nine areas for the lake hundred year anniversary of the nineteen twenty, nine race probably will have to fly non comp on non-competition but I would love to try and do something like that. Just to kind of pay homage to the first woman who raced end just to that legacy in the torch that is being carried year after year with. So that's kind of what I am looking forward to not sure if it's going to happen but would love to try. A. You truly are carrying that torch in our an an ambassador for both women in aviation and also the air race classic. So we really appreciate you for what you do for everybody out there and I'm sure that somebody listening right now is going to be inspired by your story. So thanks for coming on. Little thanks for having me. I really appreciate the opportunity to spread the word about the area than women pilots than be an advocate for both than if anybody had just kind of want to give this last message, I know we kind of like skirted over the actual race itself, how it's conducted of, but if anybody wants to learn more. They can hit me up on social media either my personal site, the area site you can go to the areas classic website. That's where all of our information is We actually started an archive at the Texas Women's university down in Denton Texas. That's where the women's Airforce Service Pilots Archives are. So the WASP archives are down there we now have an air sea. Archive for the women's areas. So if anybody wants to find out more information all of those places are a very, very good resource to use. All that information available on the bottom, the show notes here Erase.

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