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Community by supporting United way of the national capital area And its partners through the combined federal campaign Dave delta and WTO P traffic And now we turn to storm team four meteorologist Matt Ritter and Matt The Rain is just making me wonder what if The Rain were snow but it's just not Oh yeah We haven't even had moisture Never mind the cold We do have some showers that are far northern Maryland right now right along the Pennsylvania line That's where the showers are going to remain for most of this evening The rest of us will just stay cloudy temperatures have only slowly been falling into the upper 40s this evening And we'll only go down to the mid to upper 40s overnight tonight Those are our average highs this time of the year Again a few spotty showers overnight but just like right now mostly north of Washington And so patchy fog will start to form along the I 70 corridor especially too Now tomorrow will be a lot like today in as much as it will be cloudy and mild with highs above average low to mid 50s but this time there'll be a better chance for some light rain and drizzle arriving for more of the area as we go into the afternoon and evening That will continue the taper off Wednesday night then Thursday will be cloudy and mild again highs will be in the low to mid 50s but this time light to moderate rainfalls and beneficial amounts will start to move through on Thursday And then Friday New Year's Eve during the day just mostly cloudy and unseasonably warm with highs in the upper 50s to low 60s and a chance for some more beneficial rain starting on New Year's Day It is 52° right now in fairfax and a del Rey 50 or 48 rather in highest town in 55 on the national mall in Washington All right Matt thank you It's now 6 40 on.

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