Two Years, Billion Dollars, Five Billion Pints discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe


Risk and market is an opportunity to put those biggest short positions back on we're going to dig a little bit deeper into the markets as we go through the next are donny berger joins us in our london office with some of the stocks that were watching this morning glencore i mean when you had a demolition darby on you start for the past four trading days five billion pints has been wiped off the value of it what does glencore actually do they're actually going for a share buyback of a billion of a billion pints a billion dollars a billion dollars i really feel like the executives that glencore must be reading bloomberg because gotta give it shot up to my colleague justina lee just this morning put out a piece i'll tell you right before glencore announced that europe's buyback stocks are doing better than dividend stocks and as fate would have it here comes glencore this huge buyback helping to push shares higher this morning up by one point seven percent i will note that yesterday the tumble by its third day of consecutive declines glencore was trading the cheapest since august two thousand seventeen so perhaps along with the buybacks investors are saying hey shares look pretty cheap right now yes it was talking to one investor this week he was suggesting that perhaps the selling has been overdone with the antidote the maximum fine that could be imposed by the doj because that was the story earlier on this week of course but anyway there were many views on that one at let's talk about the aviation sector ryanair in focus for you today don yet to open there we go just sitting out this morning exactly so this couple were walkouts happening at ryan air so i had a pilot's staging a walkout over the coming over the coming weeks it faces a pretty big confrontation with organized labor and then we have other news that cabin crew is going to join the pilots in this summer of labor unrest as as as it were so far shares treating a little bit higher this morning of about six tenths of a percent on the irish exchange again this is this is just a building and this is going to be something we're going to have an eye out on over the summer this strike so perhaps we're not seeing any sort of dramatic moves in the share price yet as the story unfolds it just means next time i speak to michael o'leary he won't be able to castigate the french is being the people that go on strike all the time speaking to the french actually renault nissan this is an interesting one and listen have given themselves two years to almost filler kill in other words get their officiency going on maybe even do a merger stock is up one point three or four percent gives a detailed donnie sure so they've decided that they're going to get themselves about two years on a possible merger this is according to people familiar told bloomberg they're trying to find either a merger or an alternative way to enhance their partnership so this is just something that we've been hearing of a details are being unfolded here but two years we now have this time line that we can look towards to see what the two carmakers are going to do again like you said shares are up by about one point three percent options include a holding company and putting renault nissan under the same umbrella or perhaps a merger under a single stock the ideas that it would give give them resources to help them when we have this all these electric vehicles coming out and economist drivers donnie thank you very much that's.

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