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Just. She just doesn't do it for me if that kind of makes sense. I think she solid isn't she? But she doesn't have any of that sort of wow factor for me. That was exactly the place I was going to use. She's one full group ones in a row and it's had to knock a Philly, isn't it? That's one four group ones in a row, but she's been exceedingly well placed to win those four group ones. I think she can't talk about her tassel. Last August, she's then beaten in cologne and Munich and Miriam and mendecino and they're hardly names that trip off the turn out and last time out at St. Cloud. She beat baratti in a race where several of the leading players underperformed to definition bombed out hurricane lane. Yeah, she can win, but she's not for me as favorite. Now, my way into this race was to look at magical lagoons beating of toy last time. She beat toy by half a lens, didn't she? In the Irish oaks. Now, my feeling is and I'm sure you can tell me if I'm on the right road here or not Emmett. But my feeling is that at bally Doyle, they wouldn't have toy in anywhere near the same bracket as Tuesday. No. Magical lagoon only beat about half a Lin. Were you an I got away to a murder because we both put up Choi for the Irish oaks as a scumbag each way better 25s. When Ryan Moore was declared, but the bookmakers never reacted. Everybody seemed to think that she was going to be on board history or Emily Dickinson. And then there was the farcical situation where the flight was canceled and Emily Upjohn couldn't go. So there was an odds on favors, and she suddenly gets sliced, but we had gotten the 25s. In an anti post, which was given to us, and we kind of got away with murder that day. That was an account closer. Thankfully nothing kaluki, but from certain other firms who weren't exactly pleased with this. And she's gone after 5 to one shot. But if Tuesday was in that race, Tuesday would have given her a proper run until it wouldn't be in her league. Until he has subsequently been beaten in Germany. Yeah, and I think Tuesday would have won the Irish oaks, to be honest. I don't think she was at her best when she took on west over in the Irish Derby. Now, the form of the epsom oaks has taken a few knocks, but you can't argue with what Nash was done subsequently. Now Emily at John has herself has been a little bit disappointing. I still think she's a very good friendly I think she'll prove that in time. Tuesday is an oaks winner and I'd rather have a classic winner coming into this. The group won the Yorkshire oaks than alpinista who's been beating up essentially group two our group three horses in substandard group on races. Yeah, I would a 100% agree with that. I know Rory was a big fan of Al than Easter and put her up on the show many times. He was frustrated when she was pulled out a certain races. There were opportunities. Was she going to go for the coronation last year? And he took her out. I think she was. When Paul driver won, I think that Rory was up to his conquerors under that day. It was a bit annoyed that she came out. He identified a very early on and clearly she is talented. I've had this race in mind for Tuesday for a very long time. I think since she was beaten in the Irish Derby, it's been in my mind that this is the way I still go for. And here we are. I can't quite get away from her. She was given the fact that she wasn't actually officially yes, but she didn't turn three until the oaks, yet she was good enough to place in the 1000 guineas and the Irish 1000 guineas, and then on her birthday windy oaks. And the fact that they supplemented her for the Derby, in what was, in hindsight, a bizarrely run race. Where she just seemed to be very flat westover had complete control of the race. She was out at the back, and when Ryan it really aim at and she didn't pick up. Edinburgh's table was flying. She said 54 days to recover. I think she's a big big player here. She's a huge player. I would tend to believe what I saw at epsom more than what I saw at the car. I think that was a ridiculous Irish Derby. And I think she's going to win. Yeah, I'm done with the completely. And unlike the great voltage, this is a race that age and O'Brien does win and he tends to bring some of his very best Phillies to it. And I would go as far as happy very disappointed to be honest if Tuesday can't be helping us. Yeah. Memories of Tapestry pulling off that massive upset against to grew to back in 2014, but 7th heaven on this race love snowfall. Yeah, he's best. Peeping phone, of course, was a terrific one this way. Alexandrova, his best tend to come here, and I think she is very much the best. There's an argument to be said, she's the best with the exception of Luxembourg. The best three year old middle distance horse at bally Doyle. I think Luxembourg, we didn't do a review. We'll do that with Washington next week. We'll factor in the royal whip, but I actually thought that was a nice comeback. Especially when a brine was warning everybody, he needs this. He badly needs it, and he's going to improve an awful lot from us.

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