Patrick Beverley, Grizzlies, Oreo Turu discussed on NBA Front Office w/ Keith Smith & Trevor Lane


You've transitioned it to more of an offensive type team at least for the interim and we'll see where that goes for them. But I think it's something that was almost kind of necessary without Kauai. You needed to add somebody else who could go create. You a basket off the dribble either for himself or others and that's what blood. So gives you as a flip side on the other side. I wish. This is where I wish we could do like a low-key situation and do like a variant timeline in Saint. Patrick Beverley to the grit-and-grind Grizzlies. Yes. Could you imagine him along with Zach, Randolph, and Tony Allen in that crew? Like he people would there just be fights. Did you say tweeted Ryan last night like shortly after the trade? Yeah. He tweeted out grit-and-grind. Let's go. So, you know, he's he's locked in them. I mean, do you think they're going to get bought out these guys or do you think there's going to be a home? Yeah, I don't think they'll get bought out. I think they'll they'll be at the very least. Maybe they'll do the Diego dalla approach. Now, just hang on to, and find a trade firm later. If they have Oreo turu the, he's throwing to make the math work salary-wise. So who knows? But as you mentioned, you know, I think earlier the Grizzlies do have 17, guaranteed salaries. Now. So that's two that they've got to cut because you can only carry 15 on to the regular season roster. So they're going to have to eat some money or they're going to have to trade some money away. My guess is Rondo, is the more like home of the two two never play in Memphis. Right? For the Grizzles. I think that he'll probably has a worker by out or he'll get traded into somebody's trade exception or something along those lines that there's a couple out there that he could fit into in places where I think he could still, probably help those teams. No, Celtics fans. I don't think he's coming back to Boston. I that's they're already dead. All into it further into the tax and they wanted to be after the shrewd ordeal. So let's put that one to rest. And also, let's put the rest. Kyle Anderson. Doesn't fit into the the Tristan Thompson trade exception either. So let's do that one. I know he's a longtime object Celtics fans, a the affection. They really want him there..

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