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Next We've got in Hong Kong a number of COVID cases now at a record We're basically seeing a doubling every three days at Baxter covering it all from the Bloomberg 9 60 newsroom in San Francisco Eddie Yeah I got a four year dug but I got asked because I'm well I'm not very bright but were you kidding when you talked about that It was tongue in cheek What It was tongue in cheek Okay don't bite yourself I didn't see I didn't see that So thank you Yeah Hong Kong is reporting out a record number of COVID cases And this has the government on the road going back to much more stringent separation policies The choice is living with the virus or more in restrictions for COVID zero And Bloomberg Steven engel says the executive council meets today and an adviser says there's a danger of an explosion in the number of cases If people do not heed the encouragement of the government to not congregate and to stay at home then we're going to be seeing the likelihood of 10,000 cases at least a day within the next couple of weeks And if that happens then he is recommending that the social distancing restrictions be increased quite considerably and basically wipe out about 70% more of what freedom we have to congregate in Hong Kong right now Steven says chief executive Carrie lam said last week she's leaning toward going back to further restrictions and sing Tao thinks it knows it is reporting out to plan to be to tighten public gatherings limit to two restaurants to two per table as a start While Hong Kong.

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