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Shout at the railroad and say do a better job They're doing their mess not according to Donna I get alerts and it was cancelled like within minutes of being there so that doesn't. Really help so offend j. tease alerts orange l. full. Tune in to transit updates with, Karen Stewart they will be helpful John. Monotone ten ten wins at Penn station your, next report, coming up at eight forty one wins news, time eight thirty. Four, and service was disrupted on the. Devil are yesterday as two people were run over and killed by trains one happened near hicksville at. About four in the morning another later. Near the Woodside station the cases are being investigated as, suicides the railroad was also dealing with equipment shortages. Signal problems and a broken, crossing gate wins news time eight? Thirty five well the story was bizarre. Enough, already now the man who jumped out of a freezer and threatened employees with the, knife at the Sarah Beth's restaurant on the Upper West side Sunday morning Turns out was a suspected cold-case killer Carlton Henderson. Was awaiting trial for a double homicide in Boston. That happened in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight it was a, cold case into last, year when he was arrested but just last week a judge freedom on his. Own reconnaissance after, granting a motion to suppress evidence the NYPD says. It's not clear what brought him to New York he had no connection to. The city, and was staying in a hotel alone police say he tried to attack employees with a knife and they found him in the. Freezer and Sarah bets on the, Upper West side he hadn't been in there long but he yelled away Satan at. Them, and they wrestled him to the ground moments later he fell unconscious and died. The cause, yet to, be, determined by the city medical, examiner Sonia Rincon ten ten wins news anti Chinese graffiti has, been turning up on store fronts and. Benson hers Brooklyn and residents are rallying borough president Eric Adams is offering. A ten thousand dollar reward to catch the.

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