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Like what that does for people coming in and out of your space. Does it turn? In their feet to the left in does that make them feel uncomfortable? I've just always been fascinated by that process people in space. So luckily that fifty thousand dollars a year did pay off. Agreer? Yes now when did the seeds for Nubian human start taking Rupe? You know? It's really interesting because when I graduated and I started working agent in. There was myself and one of my best friends were still really really close now and a sore of mine sh we we would come together we were just all like we want to start businesses. So it was probably really early out of college that was like working at agent, and I'm like coming into the stores, and I'm like, you know, we're always dealing with, you know, pencil skirts in blouses and pants, but in my travels, I would find like amazing amazing, jewelry and fashion by all of these independent artists. And my thing was, you know, when I try to find them again, I wouldn't be able to in this before you know, when everybody had their own website. So it was kind of like, how do I find everyone? And I was like I'm gonna make my own store all these beautiful things that I really. I really love that everybody keeps asking about. So really early on. I would say I started to get that bug. Like, we would start to read business books together like black enterprise business book that was like the first one we read, and we just kind of kept telling each other accountable to our dreams. That's so awesome to have that. So it was kind of like a little mastermind guys. We're keeping each other countable now when that seed start to take root what plan did you start to put into action? What pieces did you know you wanted to have together before you started this? I think for me was was I was, you know, heavy on the creative design side because I was right at a school. That was you know, because I was basically dealing with artists visual merchandisers. But as a business person, I didn't really have an understanding of that process. So even as I grew with agent know, once I became, you know, like store manager like visual manager of a store in the district. I just really focus. On learning the business side, you know, like how many units per transactions? Should we have was the average dollar sales? How do we measure success in? How do we create business goals in? So I would take classes I did like score which they didn't really understand, you know, it's kind of like old white men who didn't. Can you break down? What score stands for again. I know we've a few guests I've mentioned, but I always like to remind. I actually I'm not sure what score what the acronym of score. Is here. Look it up while you speak you guys. So, you know, real time real time action right now share what it provides each city. Yes. A wet there. There is a location city. So basically, they're more. So like retired business people who who dedicate their time to those at wanna get into business. So they help with like your business plan your marketing plan if you don't understand counting. How to understand a profit and loss statement balance sheet? So basically, they kind of help you build your business. They give you resources and things like that. Okay. I don't think stands for anything you guys. But yes. Courthouse. Small businesses and provides all these resources and right now, you know, actually, no friends who volunteer for score work with score. So it's not just old people anymore. I mean in the early. So that's good. What kind you took some classes with score? Yeah. And I would just, you know, basically, it was it was a huge conflict of interest was taking these classes in getting this advice at night because I was in retail. It was it was a conflict of interest. But you know, you gotta do what you gotta do. But yet, and I mean anything throughout the business. I would just Bank that information. So with agent immuno were sitting in our meetings in you know, we go over with a country level teams..

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