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Seven to nineteen seventy nine and he was undrafted number fifty seven so Maryanne. What's not want my own? Yeah you and fired this when Jeff because we were talking about where where Arizona cut not not Arizona. It was the forty niners. Cut One of their offensive linemen and said that's interesting to wouldn't count towards comp and things like that and just like yeah. I I could see that I'm like wait. He's he's like thirty one. That's not the kind of moves the steelers make and and Jeff brought up a certain steeler that they brought in later in his career that then played a long time. And you were shocked how long he actually played in in Pittsburgh. Jeff Jeff Harding's. Yes that he that he played six seasons for the steelers after he already came in but he was twenty eight when he came in the question. I have and this. This is a difficult one. What's The steelers? Played the most seasons in Pittsburgh but did not start their. Nfl career where they actually for credited with playing a game. So not like James Harrison who started on practice squad to the places who actually played for another team and then came to the steelers and played multiple. And tell you. They played thirteen seasons with the steelers after starting with another team drone beddis. He didn't play thirteen seasons with the steelers. Thirteen sees he. How many years did he played for Pittsburgh? That's a great question. I can tell you so Let me just give you the dates. He started a ninety six and he left. Didn't oh six but did not pay seasons. What ten seasons got it? I I was thinking could be James Farrior but James. Ferry wasn't around for thirteen this player. I'll tell you. Eric he played what what's that? Can you give us the era? You broke up Brian. The era he played on to Super Bowl teams in the seventies. The first two. I'm pretty sure it was too might have been one but at least one so he. He's t started with the steelers and sixty four and finished. Seventy-six Ray Mansfield. That would be correct Mary. Good Nice very good Brian. Honest Emirate Mansfield wonderful job tonight you are the you you get the Trivia award say every week good Trivia I. This is one of those that it sounded better in my head. Now I'm getting worried about it so okay. There's when you look. It steeler drafts over the last twenty thirty years. I'm looking at the fullback position. Now you a lot of these guys come in as running back. But I'm talking about guys that traditionally played fullback for the steelers who was the most productive drafted fullback in the last. Let's say thirty years I guess but it's probably wrong for the steelers. Yes we're the steelers lead. Jeff Gas I. I have no clue Frank Summers Frank. No I love that. Because the was one of the guys that. I forgot about frank the tank Chris you might say Ma Vala. So no accounting. I'm coming foods or running back again. Because he played more out of the tailback position. So we're getting some. Dan KREIDER UP THERE. He was he drafted by the steelers. Dan crowder was not drafted. He was undrafted out of Hampshire. Shoot US should know the one I'm thinking of an. I can't think of his name because he he would have come out. It would've been in the I would say whatever you WANNA call it. Mid To late nineties out of Penn state absolutely I keep wanting to save name is John Williams. You're close name is John. Because John. I can't you know why because I would have competed against him in college and track and field but he graduated right before I started. What's his name John with a W. Yes that's Whitman's with minimal? Whitman's remember him. John William was a different one right S. Who PLAYED SEATTLE? Who was a pro bowler in Seattle? Yes I knew he was. He was a penn state fullback and then came in and played for the steelers. Yes he was a good discus thrower was drafted right. After Mike All star he was in the same draft so all start out of purdue who had a very good all right so I have one trivia question and I'd like to go the more general route. You guys typically know these answers but there might be someone listening. Doesn't know it. So I thought Jay on Hargrave Ejei von Hargrave LISI GOES TO PHILADELPHIA. Obviously the keystone state is a large one and encompasses. Both teams in a lot of people are some people might not know that at one time the two teams the steelers and the Eagles Forum together and created the Segel's my question is what year did the struggles actually exist nineteen forty-three very good. Nineteen forty three now is because of the war that was going on and the NFL players were obviously some of them were deployed but nineteen forty three because of J von Hardaway affiliate Kinda sparked my interest back in the struggles and that was only one year and it was. I did some research on a luther. Read some stories about that crazy switching back and forth between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh in terms of home field and nuts breaking news. What happened? I saw it? I'm just getting ready. And he's Never Brian. He tweeted it out somebody. We talked about a couple of weeks ago. I was going to bring it up here. Stephan with Noski. There's regard center tweeted out. I'm coming home. And He Jeff. We can't go through a podcast without breaking news. All right very good breaking news breaking news. What is the today contract terms or anything so looking at this minutes ago it does not? They don't have right now the financial when I can find if anyone can find that in the live chat that would be greatly appreciated. Because that'll save some work that huge in something. I wanted to talk about earlier when we were talking about bringing another guy in in your I love regard but that's a really good move. I I hated that. Move before new. Cba because we didn't have any money but now we have a new CBA. I love that move and Brian. Kudos to you for calling that. That was weeks ago. How many weeks go you say that two or three lettering where I got an affair with in the live chat with people actually like because we say with what money and that was true with what money and then we got a new CBA? Now we're now. We're better all right so go ahead. One super bowls in the last couple of years to. He's he won a super bowl with the eagles. He won last year or the chiefs so coming in on those one year two year deals he comes in and he has a history of making the super bowl recently before the colonoscopy. Yeah so let let's be. Let's cut this show now. Steelers previews done. We'RE GONNA pick up with this story in the after Party so stay with US Day's GonNa be writing. He has to cover the story for the site. And we're going to get everything together. Wrap our heads around.

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