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With komo newsradio and the make a wish foundation of Alaska and Washington it's wishes in flight our annual airline mileage drive you know about the make a wish foundation their missions to create a life changing experience and grant a wish for a child that is suffering is a critical illness Jessica Matthews with make a wish she is with us here in the studio good morning Jessica good morning explain how easy it is to make a kid's dream come true it's so easy to donate your airline miles we have a room full of volunteers that are waiting to take your call right now and if you have your airline mileage donation number here airline account they can look up information for you take the miles that you have in your account maybe you don't have enough to take a trip on your own or they're about to expire you can donate them to make a wish and pull together we can use them to grant wishes for children with critical illnesses course the make a wish foundation is legendary for just bringing smiles to families faces this makes it a lot easier for you to do that work if you don't have to worry about paying for an airline trip president absolutely and we just like yesterday we only had one hundred and seventy six thousand miles an Alaska Airlines account and that might seem like a lot to a normal person but that only would get us about two and a half airline tickets and for contacts we have twenty five children who have made wishes to travel somewhere in the month of August so we really need those miles to go a long way in helping make these wishes come true I would imagine travel is probably the most popular wish for these kids absolutely about eighty percent of our wishes involve travel well here's a way you can do it you can go online right now at komo news dot com slash wishes the donate your airline miles or make a cash donation or we have.

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