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A women's basketball i was a huge fan of jim next this growing up so i used to see dominique dawes when she was headlining though though olympic games and so for me it just kind of you know allows me to remember how special you know being a girl was playing volleyball growing up playing softball growing up plan basketball growing up in having that opportunity to to share that in see how it it has expanded over the course of even just the last ten or fifteen years yeah it is incredible to see what's happened like i don't think people understand the value of having a vision rise so there was a woman before me and there was one before sue and there was one before to rica who was the first example of a woman is four you know i remember my early days i was like you i love gymnastics and i was all into skating so i love like kristi yamaguchi i know uh i want a golf yeah golf was a big thing i don't know why like watching golf at i was a big fan for any cup polls and i was just weird like that but then the ninety six olympics obviously just captured by a tire seoul because i just started playing basketball i saw lisa leslie for the first time now was like there is a tall beautiful stroll powerful smart charismatic brilliant woman and i want to be like her and that was it that was the game changer also um you know we're so grateful for all the examples obviously the work of billie jean king and others that have been pioneers i think about vivian stringer what she's done as a pioneer women's basketball which obviously we celebrate on this podcast pat summit tara vanderveer barbara stevens who will hear from later the list goes on and on budgets wanted to give a moment of celebration for national girl in women's sports day and hopefully everyone else is celebrating so let's talk about a few things on our clipboard the first thing i wanted to discuss was.

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