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This is the news in brief from the United Nations. An independent UN appointed expert on human rights has called for a strong international response following the execution of four pro democracy activists by Myanmar's military junta. Thomas Andrews said he was outraged and devastated by what's believed to be the first use of capital punishment in the Southeast Asian nation in decades. The four, including activist co Jimmy and lawmaker Thor, were accused of helping to carry out terror acts during the country's military takeover last year. They were sentenced to death in a closed door trial in June, the mister Andrews described as a violation of international human rights law. In a statement he called for strong action from UN member states against Myanmar and for what he described as the status quo of international inaction to be firmly rejected. Meanwhile, you and appointed rights experts say their frustrated and gravely concerned following the death of an Australian teenager in Assyrian detention facility, your service zahab was injured in an attack in January by isil on the Al hasakah camp in northeast Syria. It's believed he died after a lack of adequate medical treatment compounded his injuries. The rights experts have repeatedly expressed their concerns about dire detention conditions of children and teenagers in the region to the Australian government. They have also called for foreign nationals who are primarily women and children to be repatriated, describing your staff as a habs death as utterly preventable the experts pointed out that many other governments are currently repatriating their nationals and Australia has the capacity to do so. Failure to repatriate is an abdication of Australia's treaty obligations and the deeper moral obligations to protect Australia's most vulnerable children the experts said. United Nations humanitarian agencies have started delivering aid directly to people in Haiti following a recent spike in violence between rival gangs, vulnerable inhabitants of the commune of cite Soleil, as well as those in other neighborhoods of the capital, Port-au-Prince, have received items such as hygiene and baby supplies, plastic sheeting, Jerry cancell water, blankets, solo lamps and repair items for houses from the UN's international organization for migration, IOM. The UN Children's Fund UNICEF also delivered over 300,000 liters of drinking water enough for 20,000 people for two days. It also provided 300 hygiene kits and assisted 780 children with psychosocial support. The world food programs of the FP distributed food, including rice beans and oil, which can feed 15,000 people for a week, according to the UN between the 8th and 17th of July over 471 people were killed injured or unaccounted for serious incidents of sexual violence against women and girls as well as boys being recruited by gangs have also been reported. Katie dartford, UN news.

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