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The point limit the california highway patrol also says her wife sarah and two of their adopted children had a significant amount of a compound common to benadryl in their systems and that can make people drowsy the hearts and three of their children were found dead and after the car went off the cliff into the pacific ocean last month three more are missing body has been found but not yet identified an oregon man who refused to pay his taxes wins a key battle in court komo's brian calvert reports there's a lot at play in this case michael bowman says i'm not a tax protester i love my country i have a duty to my country and then he says i have a duty to my conscience you see bellman is refused to pay his taxes because of his religious convictions he says if federal dollars are used to provide abortions he's not contributing to the federal kitty and now a judge has sided with him us district judge michael w mosman ruled that the government's indictment failed to provide any evidence that michael baumann tried to conceal or mislead government officials after all balanced been pretty upfront about all this every time he gets a letter from the irs he does them he's not paying because they refuse to accommodate his religious convictions while the portland area man has one route one it's important to note that the evasion charges against him was dismissed on a technicality prosecutors are welcome and likely to bring new charges in order to collect back taxes brian calvert komo news coming up after traffic boeing versus spacex on the race to mars i'm corwin hake both sides get in their shots thirty four komo news aaa traffic now with kierra jordan.

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