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We went for the visual joke a little early here. If you're listening only to the show, you do not see that right now, Stu guts is there and ready to give takes again. This is a character that we have created air that is dangerously low on those genes, look, we need to be careful here. Mike because we're going to get Disney in trouble for pornography. If we go one inch down on on that gut. We are awfully low were awfully low there. There's some landing strips centrality. All right anyways. Here we go. This is this a character. That is now breaking news from the gut because we've told you before that journalism has changed and much of what you see on ESPN is just a bunch of people speculating. And giving you their opinion and gas bags passing off news. That's not news as news here is to guts to give you the latest information from the gut go head to gut. I have a gut feeling Duke zone. Williamson is going to be a monumental disappointment. In the NBA kid can't even wear a sneaker. Right. He's going to be such a draft bus. He'll get a nice gift basket from Sam Bowie. How about that? Defrocked? Montreal elewa. Johnny Manziel is going to sign to play in the alliance of American football. And be the league MVP this season. He'll play the team coached by Steve Spurrier because that's the only person on the league I can name of of Trent. What's his name? Dwayne Wade will change his mind and his last dance farewell season with the Miami Heat won't be either d Wade will limit crazy misunderstanding in claim he meant all along that this season would be the sort of an endless three year. Farewell tour like Elton John tiger, Greg. Greg hold on a second. Hold on. How is it that you've turn this character into a terrible lounge? Ac that's clearly reading like how at look I do you mean clearly reading. I'm a ventriloquist listen to me, you're reading. So clearly that your guts not doing anything in the way of performing and talking because you're so interested in reading correctly, and you're just sort of blowing through the the terrible comedy line. You wanna you wanna start again in sound like you're reading slightly less. Tiger Woods will boldly predicted. He can still catch and pass Jack Nicklaus for career majors. That'll be from an interview given in two thousand and forty-three when tiger is sixty eight neck and back feeling better. Tiger will say swing is getting close the latest. The Lakers will make the playoffs because LeBron James. We'll take over himself and take almost all of the shots on his team. Averaging fifty six points the remainder of the season and stealing the scoring title. From harden? Baseball umpires will not be calling balls and strikes in two years. It will be all laser technology. Close plays at the plate will be decided by the first base umpire, who'll do double duty gut feeling Peyton Manning. We'll replace Jason Witten in the Monday night football booth and for one season and then like Whitten come out of retirement zoom his NFL career. How about that? All right. That's enough. Thank you, Stu gods for just a truly terrible performance..

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