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Change opened up other areas of Africa eventually leading to mankind's domination of every corner of the planet. Aw Any studies found that climate change in just warming in the Western Pacific since the late nineteen seventies shifted on Lino events the stub their instead of the usual starting spot in the eastern Pacific. The findings reported in the Journal. The proceedings the National Academy of Sciences also confirmed that this change is causing more frequent extremely menu events. Scientists discovered a developing pattern among thirty three on the NEO events that occurred between nineteen won twenty seventeen. They're also found that four. Four of the five extremely Nino events happened after nine hundred seventy and suggests that further warming of the Western Pacific is likely to trigger more extreme events in the future. Now let's bad news. Events caused serious shifts in weather patterns across the globe including storms and floods in the Americas and droughts wildfires. Australia rally. A- Google claims it Sycamore. Quantum computers just perform the calculation that even the most powerful conventional supercomputers can't reproduce juice. It claims Sycamore achieved. What's called quantum supremacy by completing a complex computation? In two hundred seconds that would have taken the most powerful conventional supercomputer some some ten thousand years to finish the book by Scientists University of California. Santa Barbara Sycamore completed the task by using chip consisting of fifty three cubits the quantum quantum version of the bits fan. In every day computers ordinary computers perform calculations using bits of information which like on and off switches can exist in any two states which are the one or zero but quantum computers use quantum bits cubits which can exist either as one or zero or is both one end zero simultaneously so a pair of bits can store just one of four possible combinations of states zero zero zero one one zero one at any given time that a pair of keep its can install all four combinations simultaneously pickers h it represents both values zero and one at the same time and if you had more cubits your quantum computer grows exponentially potentially so three cubits still a combinations four cubits console sixteen and so on we've fifty three cubits. Sycamore can store some hundred and fifty three valued his own more than ten quadrille in combinations and with things like quantum entanglement Albert Einstein's famous spooky action at a distance if the cubits in the quantum computer aaron tangled tangled which they They can all.

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