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To be parked on the even side of the street and then at eight PM on Tuesday all cars will move over to the odd side of the street. We really have to stress. How important it is? That you cooperate with that the city's making parking lots of valuable many area communities and towns now have snow emergencies or on street parking bans in place officials in Schenectady and Troy ask that people not park on priority. Streets us go. Harry man is hospitalized after a snowmobile crash in the town of Knox Albany county. Sheriff Craig apple says, deputies responded to Knox cave road yesterday to find the snow mobile I driven into the rear end of a trailer parked in a field toward Vincent was transported to Albany medical center with headed shoulder injury. Speed is considered to be a contributing factor. President Trump's border proposal is expected to come for a vote in the Senate this week as the partial government shutdown enters a thirty first day democratic leaders and the president have been deadlocked over funding. The government over Trump's demand for nearly six billion dollars in border wall funding Trump is now offering three years of temporary deportation protection for immigrants brought to the US legally as children. And exchange for while funding democratic leaders want to see the government back up and running before any negotiations began Joe Biden's using the MLK holiday to attack the president, the former vice president blasted Trump's comments after the deadly white supremacist March in Charlottesville in two thousand seventeen at the national action networks Martin Luther King junior breakfast this morning in Washington DC, something I never thought I would live to see again, having a president of the United States make a moral equivalence between those who are spreading the Hayden. Those who are opposing it saying, they're very fine. People on both sides Biden also went after some of Trump's supporters if you're looking to attend Super Bowl fifty three in Atlanta. This year will be prepared to shell out some serious cash. It will cost about three thousand two hundred seventy eight dollars to just get in the door as the nose bleed seats located in the ninth through of the upper deck in the end zone are going for that price..

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