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The tact the White House and other targets of opportunity in the Washington DC area by using explosive devices, including an explosive device an anti-tank rocket well agents arrested Hoster to heap after year long investigation and say there is no threat to the upcoming Super Bowl in Atlanta, congresswoman, Alexandria McAfee. Oh, Cortez will teach your colleagues in the house how to use Twitter more effectively like the president the twenty nine year old democrat from New York has two point four million followers on Twitter, and that's more than Nancy Pelosi. The speaker of the house and today, she'll be leading a discussion. Shen in house on how to tweet Trump reportedly has fifty five million Twitter, followers, and Obama one hundred nine Florida governor Rhonda Santa says, his first international trade mission will be to Israel to Sanders announced the triple take place after the legislative session in may and will focus on strengthening ties between Florida in Israel while making a stop in Boca Raton. The governor also announced sanctions against Airbnb for no longer listening rental properties in the West Bank in another move to Santa's called for two million dollars in security funding for Jewish day. Schools in Florida is Ricky bowl, NewsTalk eight fifty WF T is a smelly story steps being taken to reduce as bad smell caused by sewage spell that has led to complaints and Broward County, specifically Pumpido beach, an FDA OT crew broke a sewer line this month which caused raw sewage to spell into the intra coastal waterway officials say area eaters, placed in the water or helping to reduce the smell just kind of spread it around deputies arrested to St. Lucie county school employees accused of. Touching students inappropriately won a maintenance man at Morningside Morningside elementary school at another a seventy two year a bus driver who's since retired. He was arrested for lewd and lascivious behavior. Practice on a regular basis talking in.

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