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Reagan's invasion of Grenada. He's going to try and come up with a low risk conflict that will draw everybody's attention away. From what's going on? The problem is I don't think there's any low risk conflicts left in the world right now given out polarized everything is, and and you know, and this guy I mean, trusting Donald Trump, not to make a misstep on the international stage is is like thinking you can run through a minefield and not be unscathed. I mean, it's just it's crazy. Dave spot. I think you're right. You're listening to the Thom Hartmann program called to eight hundred eight ninety nine twenty-five. Anything goes Friday on the Thom Hartmann program back with your calls on your media support group for we the people right here. Stick around. Hartmann university book club today, we're reading from. It's even worse than you think. What? The Trump administration is doing to America by David k Johnston. This is page sixty one the chapter titled forgetting, the forgotten man in two thousand ten the US department of labor created a website to honor workers who died on the job, quote, more than forty five thousand workers forty five hundred workers excuse me, lose their job lies on the job every year, the lower the names of just a few who have died in recent months. Osias mission is to prevent workplace injuries illnesses and death, and quote that occupational safety and health administration web page was intended to highlight and humanize workplace deaths to ensure awareness of tragedies. Especially those that could have been avoided. According to Joe, Joe, Jordan Barabbas, an assistant secretary of labor during the Obama administration Barra explained without information like this fatality statistics are just roster. L numbers. The purpose of adding names and circumstances was to impress people with a tragedy that workers and their families face day after day in August 2017 seventeen Trump's Labor Department quietly removed the preamble and the names when it killed the webpage. It also took down. Without public announcement the fatality inspection data for all years prior to 2017. Those are just two of many other Trump administration actions inimical to worker safety others included, no longer posting press releases about deaths resulting from unsafe working conditions delaying rules to reduce sickness and death from inhaling silica and beryllium at work delaying rules to lower the risk of railroad. Engineers and truck drivers falling asleep at the switcher wheel because of untreated sleep apnea and the appointment of a to the supreme court of a judge who held company had the right to fire a worker who chose not to freeze to death on the job a reasonable person listening to Donald. Oh, Trump's inaugural address would never have expected these and other actions, assuming he believed what Trump said Trump declared the forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten. No more you came by the tens of millions to become part of a historic movement. The likes of with the world has never seen before. At the center of this movement is a crucial conviction that a nation exists to serve its citizens end quote. Those men and women were forgotten again the following week. And it's not just workers interests were forgotten not to mention who were putting danger by deciding not to implement a rule to reduce the chances of truck drivers and train operators falling asleep at the wheel. Trump put at risk the lives of families driving along the highway people riding on passenger trains and many others. The White House called it. President Trump's war on regulation in his weekly radio address in early. May he declared that we've removed one job killing regulation after another, and they're not pretty and they're going and believe me, we're just getting started on regulations. They're gone. Removal of data on workplace deaths which averaged thirteen per day infuriated Jordan Barabbas who was VERA who is Obama's number two at OSHA as a private citizen Baraga created a web page to keep track of the names of the dead. And the reasons they were killed on the job, he called, it OSHA won't tell you who died in the workplace we will after the election Barabbas concerns that the Trump administration would be bad for workers increased when he asked where the Trump beachhead team was and learned that none was coming each incoming administrator administrators sends people the scope of federal agencies. Learn who does what and get a feel for the place in advance. Then the incoming administration sends his landing team the people who will initially implement its policies for each agenda already to agency when no beachhead team came up. Rob figured it meant worker safety. Simply was not a priority for Trump he hoped that was the worst of it. Nothing. More than apathy about. Worker safety. But when the landing team arrived Barabra realized trouble was coming for American workers. And it was not official apathy, but the start of a salts on workers rights and safety. Rob said most of them had no idea they were going to labor and no interest in workers issues either. But they did have was a mandate to delay repeal or weaken regulations that protected workers as part of Trump's plan to eliminate quote, any regulation that is outdated unnecessary bad. For workers are contrary to the national interest end quote. The first sign came when Trump nominated judge Neil Gorsuch to the supreme court. Judge Gorsuch was an acolyte of Anthony Scalia who CD would be taking like Scalia. He said statutes should be litter literally read, and if that made no sense. Well, that was a problem for congress, also like Scalia. He had a habit of consulting dictionaries often following Scully is practice of relying on the third fourth or even lesser definition of a word when a supporter his jurisprudence. Trump's domination alarmed unions. Jody Cala mine commun- communications worker, America. Lawyer told Gorsuch is Senate confirmation hearing the Gorth Gorsuch, quote is a threat to workings people's health and safety end quote. Cala mine cited Gorsuch descent in the thousand sixteen case to make his point that disaster. He said right reveals an anti-worker bias and features a judicial activism that will automatically put workers lives at risk, and quote, those are unusually strong words about a supreme court nominee to review. The case show's garbage as little regard for human life. At least when it comes from employers power over their workers. He considers a rigid interpretation of the law. More important. The case was about a law. Congress passed giving workers the right to refuse dangerous tasks Gorsuch said no you may not refuse. It's even worse than you think by David k Johnston. Backout Marvan here with you. John mccarter is.

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