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In your bank for moving costs for upkeep to your house for emergency funds if you don't have it the fact that they're really high third batch about sixteen thousand dollars a year so that quite a bit that payment and you know we're going from a house that was captivated the fourth so we don't have taxes in our payment L. when you add up at roughly yeah now I don't know what sixteen characterized by twelve but it a lot on top of that payment it does put us at a point of where almost thirteen hundred dollars more on top of that you get kind of close to that thirty five hundred and we have N. H. L. A. and that the area as well so that's kind of where I was thinking I should put more down than twenty percent to get me closer to that email but that's I guess that's where I just wanted to make sure that with the economy the far coronavirus doing fell allow and the stock market making sure I didn't get the exact thing that money and status are putting it down on a house but it it does sound like you're an I. agreement that I should be in our monthly payment I feel comfortable with more than investing the money it's not exactly what I'm saying what I'm saying is don't buy a more expensive house because your realtor is pushing it and so that that's what I'm saying I'm not saying don't you know or put more money down on the house and then have less to invest because in fact I think if your payment is a couple hundred dollars a month more than the thirty five hundred that you're comfortable with keep in mind that you only put down a hundred and thirty you've got seventy thousand dollars in the bank for you to be able to then use to help to make those additional payments per month sure so my thinking on this is Indian you mentioned you know with the stock market is volatile that has recently and I get it your fear is if I take that seventy thousand and I don't put it into the home what will happen to it could I potentially lose it if I invested on the stock market.

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