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All right we move onto the next team which is the boston red sox oh the boston red sox yeah i don't really have a whole lot to say here so i'll leave it to you guys okay who the fuck is hanley ramirez gonna be jared who was hanley ramirez going to be i said it last year and i guess i'll say it again because i thought it was a pretty catchy little saying the al east and the boston red sox success is a team will hinge on the hinge of david price what's that elbow look like what's that rotation look like with him part of it as opposed to being vacant from that he i think he said like this he's stunned at how good he feels right now that's that's fucking great and that gives me blood flow to 'cause i want nothing more than that dude to silence all those astle fans out and being town who don't give him the love that he's deserved that being said hanley fucked ramirez please stand up who are you going to be where are you going to be jerk hanley's best year in a sox uniform yeah was the last year that large father was in that club outs correct right he hit right behind big poppy and poppy had the year that poppy had and hanley had the year hanley had because of that in my opinion who has jd martinez going to be for hanley.

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