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I first time meeting was f- ascension. But people assume the song was about some real life situation. Yeah. Which I always found strange how about you know, it, but that's good. That means it really connected. It really connect. Yeah. So much. So that it still goes on out when I look at like Twitter minutes by so who got the boy, I'm like that's not funny at this point, bro. That's not funny. But you know, it connected connected. So as I love as his great, what's TI in Saudi friends and family hustle Mondays on the H one. And you follow her on Instagram at Mark Brown? Fixers? Thank you for having me. Number fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percents or more on car insurance. Geico dot com. Experienced delta technology on the Dell XP S thirteen the laptop people never say, no to one more episode. Hi there. I'm calling about my dinner reservation at seven do this deliver with lifelike, color, brilliant, sound clarity and uninterrupted streaming. Del cinema technology on the Dell X P S thirteen with an agent Intel core, I seven processor makes whatever you love to watch even better to learn more. Call eight hundred by Dell that's eight hundred by Dell. And the winner for most fully stocked diaper bag is there are no awards for all the small wins parents achieve every day. But there should be at CVS pharmacy. We want to help keep your medicine cabinet diaper bag stopped up. So we're giving you more big deals for more small wins this week selects arby's children's cold relief.

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