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Were showing so the programming aspect can be very useful but the researchers if you wanna know what kind of films were playing in the 1970s we're very fortunate to have some people who actually post literally every week what was playing on a given feeders so you can actually track for instance how many weeks that star wars play in in one feeder or how many weeks that they show black ula some times we have nephews degenerated content in they're not memories enough comments where we actually get really granular information about that kind of content will thank you for that transition because i am now going to ask you about sarwar's the latest installment of which opened this past weekend in theaters and in fact last djeddai gross a hundred and four million dollars on friday night marking only the second time in history after the opening night of star wars the force awakens two years ago that a movie gross over a hundred million dollars in one day what can you tell us though about the theatrical release of the original star wars forty years ago and how you know how movie theaters handled this at a time when there hadn't been that many true blockbusters up until that point certainly jaws two years earlier but i mean this was a phenomenon it was a phenomenon but it was not necessarily supposed to be it did not open in the kind of saturation released that we think of today actually was open in a smaller number of feeders and eventually began to platform too much larger box office runs and so over the time period of nineteen seventy seven from that small group of a first run feeders at then began to open in more and more places so it's remembered as being this kind of jaws ask saturation release it was actually not released that way so it grew into becoming the evergreen box office phenomenon that it did but that happened throughout the summer of nineteen seventy seven and into the fall and other big story this week was the acquisition of twentieth century fox and at century city backlot by disney fox will apparently lease a lot from disney for the next seven years but this is surely gonna have some major ramifications for production and exhibition and i just wonder if you have any thoughts on.

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