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DH. They're genuine heroes. Just talking about the danger of being the simple danger of police work. Bob DiNapoli of Mu burn Mario Olivera of Somerville, both badly wounded, badly wounded. They cost them their their careers. But they are with us tonight, and they formed an organization which again we'll We'll talk a little bit more about it. Just real quickly, Gentlemen, what exactly does violently injured police officers. Hot or do obviously, I assume it helps violently injured police officers. Well, that's exactly what it does. What we do is when someone gets hurt. Violently injured. Especially we go. We go to them and wait, Try toe. What we do is like what Mario did Go out with me. If we come in me to them, tell them you will understand what they're going through. And if there's anything they need, we can help them And if they're deciding to, they're going to retire are going through any problems. We have a website full. Of assistance for them from, um, you know, therapists to therapy dogs. We just We have it all for anybody That's going through a tough time people that may have to retire and they have to go through their time and go through horrible petition to try to get the Disability act of We can walk him through that, too, because we've gone through it. So that's why we found it. Because what we went through. We didn't want any other police officer to have a hard time going through. Since we know the ropes. We could help them and we try to get him through everything. You know. So a lot of police officers call it. I'm sorry. What did you do for here? Not to do this. Would you do that? You know, we just kind of a system. We get him through the tough times because We went through tough times trying to get a retirement. We went through a tough time healing. You know, we went through our tough times, just trying to get through every day. So we know, you know, not everybody feels the same. We understand that, but we can at least directed him to the proper what they need to probably adjust unbelievable stories, and we will give that website a couple times later on during the hour. If people would like to support it, I'm sure that donations air I assume you're five a onesie three. Yes, we are. OK, Let's go back to the calls for now, Samantha in north reading High, Samantha, How are you? I'm great. How are you guys? You're in the ring Central. Next I called a line with Bob DiNapoli and Mario Olivera. Go right ahead. Samantha. You guys are amazing. And I just wanted like I just wanted to remind people like I'm a widow and I have three Native American Children in the first person. I'm gonna call if there's any trouble is a police officer. And I totally disagree with the de funding. It. Just it really just just I wish people would realize and and I hate to think that they have to realize that when they're in trouble who they're going to call And I just I wanted to kind of put it out there. You guys, You guys put your life on a lie. You never know what's going to happen. I just really appreciate it. Thank you very much, Samantha. Thank thank you. Thanks for calling, really appreciate it if you showed before, but I hope you have never called that. I listened every night when I get out of work, but Yeah, that's really like it touched my heart strings. Thanks, Samantha. Okay. Thank you. Thank you so much, and by the way, You know, police officers come from all walks of life. Sometimes their former military people, some some men, some women, different backgrounds. Some have experience as they say in the military. Andi. Others come right from from school when they graduate. Is one police officer. I don't know if you folks are familiar with this story. His name is Dan Walters. His name was Dan Walters. He was a police officer in San Diego. San Diego. Are you familiar with who? I am speaking over? No, no, I know very well. I'm going to surprise you, okay? Is Guy played professional baseball for the San Diego Padres Guy in Judah's a ballplayer. He became a police officer, The Walters And he was Badly injured on the job on DH. It's a horrible story, and he passed away. Um, this April. That he had passed away from the injuries that he saw a supply officer and he was in this inspirational in the San Diego community. Hey. He suffered a baseball injury on he became an officer in 1998 for the San Diego Police Department. And he was paralyzed. In 2003 after a shooting during a simple traffic stop. It turned out to be a violent domestic disturbance in San Diego. He was struck by gunfire during the incident fell onto the street where a passing vehicle hit him. Leaving him paralyzed, and he's to come, boss injuries So again, it's There are great men and women across this country from all walks of life who decide to dedicate their career to protecting us and we're talking with two of them tonight. We're going to go next. Let's go to a Jamie in Gloucester, Massachusetts, Jamie here on the ring Central. Nice. I called Align with Bob to Napoli and Mario Olivera. Good evening, then. Good evening, Officer DiNapoli and Olivera on. Thank you. Yeah service and your sacrifice. I'm I'm, an elected official on the city Councillor in Gloucester. And unity counselor as a citizen. I've set up the first responders, please fire. Um At the lowest point of Some people's lives. No. If there is Injured person. Ah love going on the ground. An intruder banging on a door to three o'clock in the morning. They dialed. You get to a phone down 911 and they hope and pray. Who you're breaking up us. We've watched you here. Are you still there? Kenny? Amy. All right now we could hear you. Now. You go ahead on the loose, so go ahead. You're sure as as I was mentioned at the lowest point of some people's lives. They have an intruder banging on the door to three o'clock in the morning or a loved one on the ground, a dial 911 and they hope and pray that someone shows up and shows up quickly. And it's the police and fire that that are those heroes that do that, And it's very sad. What's going on in our country and in our state? As far as the funding and looking at relieving liability from the men and women who protect us every day. And I truly want to thank you. We need we Thank you..

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