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Bom Nine Grams of fiber in every serving. And that's the the main selling point is that it's delicious. I always joke. That vow doesn't like a lot of the weird hippie things that I eat but she loves could Java. It's good enough to make just water. I know that sounds crazy. But it's one hundred percent true ninety percent of the time. I just put a scoop shake bottle with some water. Shake it up thirty seconds away from a healthy meal full of the nutrients and vitamins and the fighter nutrients in the minerals that you need or get crazy. Almond milk frozen. Strawberries tastes like chocolate strawberry. Ice Cream. A MILKSHAKE. But it makes you feel better than a milkshake. That's my main selling point. It's got mce for energy and vitality Scott cow which is a wonderful mood. Elevating superfood rock account. We're not talking about junk chocolate here. We're talking about the real super food. The cow not. I got it to add to my smoothie but it is the smoothie it is a meal replacement people take it to lose weight. I didn't that's not why I take it. Maybe I should but the reason is it keeps you full three or four hours after you drink at. Which isn't credible so. Try get high on nutrition. That's what I say. That's not their. That's not their slogan. That's my slogan Catava K. A. C. H. A. V. A. dot com slash weird. You'll get twenty percents off your order. Speaking of superfoods my friend. David just turned me onto to Kishan Nonni which is a ancient super fruit I didn't know this but I'm glad that I found out to he. Should Nonni has been used for thousands of years as a ancient health remedy? It's been known for its medicinal properties and now is scientifically proven to boost immune activity and naturally enhance energy and support overall wellness. So I've been taking this from this company Nonni New Age. It's too Heeschen. Nonni juice to heat known you. I like to call it. I was skeptical at first but David told me that. They have published peer reviewed studies of Clinical Double Blind Trials with placebo that show four ounces twice a day. Increase your natural killer cells. That's your n K. cells by thirty percent. Your N Que. Cells are in charge of keeping your immune system powerful and operational and peak performance. It tastes like pomegranate juice. Kind of got a little tart sweetness. I like it straight or you can put it in your smoothie or put in with some sparkling water and have it like a Spritz have a sprints but the main thing I love about I been doing it for.

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