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And he thinks it contains the keys to understanding the universe. His domestic life is chaos. A nightmarish and his intellectual life is soaring above the heavens. I don't know how he managed to handle all in one brain one of the delicious parts of the way, you write this is you keep us on tenterhooks. What's true? And what isn't more than one author seems to be having us on and making it up was true or not? When I talk about his biography, and the things that went on in his life almost all of it is true. And then I admit the end of the sometimes my sources are reliable, and I have to go back and think about some of the things I've written and where they come from. And it was quite a journey. I'm quite honest about it in the book making the history of some of this mainly twentieth. Century physics part of the book, we go from the story in the sixteenth century through to everyone from four to Rutherford plank. You name it. You've got all of the stars. There was that hard to do. All did you just bright as a came? I wrote it as it came. Because I wanted to talk about these things when I was writing I very much felt I was writing full him glorious other people reading, but really it was for him. And I wanted to say to him that he was trying to understand the structure of the universe and how everything worked four hundred years ago, and I wanted to get across we. We have a different story that we're telling now, but there's new actual coherence to that story when we're looking at quantum physics, the micro-structural the universe. How everything hangs together? We didn't really have a good understanding of it. And we have interpretations of quantum theory, which totally contradict each other. And you can choose which one you want to follow. So you might choose the Copenhagen interpretation where nothing exists until it's measured. Although nobody ever defines what measured activity means or you can choose the many wills hypothesis where every possible thing happens all in a different universe. And there's lots of other ones there's one called super determinism where everything is one giant cosmic conspiracy. And we think we have free will any way you explain quantum physics is actually we have free will. And we're all puppets of the universe, bats. So Jerome was starting to understand the universe. And we're still trying to understand the universe. And sometimes we gave the impression that we've really made a lot of progress, and I'm not. So that's always true. There's one that in love metro Japan rose who's been on the sign show last year talking. About the importance of gravity is being one of the great puzzles, but also sticking his nose right up at string theory, actually well nonsense. I'm a huge fan of Roger Penrose because he says the things that other people are thinking but wearing say, and he has this incredible legacy in his work and his gravity collapse interpretation where he says will, you know, things if they're in two places at once which quantum theory says they are they're mass must be into place at once. So they're affecting space time in two different ways at once. And so maybe it's just a reaction of space time that collapses these things into one. And I think his makes sense in some ways we haven't been up to test it yet. But we're developing the technology to be able to do that. And I think Penrose is interpretation. In fact, it might not even be an interpretation it's much more of a kind of scientific hypothesis. I think that might be the one that turns out to be closer to the truth, shall we say, we'll let you have it the whole universe and everything plus the sixteenth century these strategy by Michael Brooks, Bob. Alling the mind in so many ways and you'll find another version of that adventure in Tesha Mitchell's marvelous science friction to pound whenever you like next week on the sign show is birdsong music that thrilling exploration by Hollis Taylor of bird, jazz an acapella work to minister stopped funding production today by David Fisher. And marked on. I'm Robin Williams..

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