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I think these barrier systems are really important. There's three main barrier systems. We have skin than the the gut lining and the blood brain barrier. Those are really are three main walls if you will. To protect. Important areas and inflammation. Destroys them you know it it. chronic systemic inflammation tears, those walls apart, and that in turn leads to think much of the disease that we're seeing today. So you know a lot of people understand that. These are somehow connected inflammation, but maybe not exactly how and I think that's one of the main mechanisms is? That, inflammatory process there's collateral damage, and some of that damage is a breaking down these barriers, and when those barriers get broken down. You know now it's like you know. The walls are coming down to to the fortress, and the enemies are getting through. You know so and that. Can Happen in the brain you know and we see all sorts of brain issues. It can happen in the gut, which thing gets into our systemic blood flow, and can lead to problems anywhere a particularly vascular issues, and then you know the skin often times in the skins interesting, because you can use the scan as a diagnostic tool. You know when you see. inflammatory issues, rashes and pigmentation problems and just a lacklustre appearance of the skin. You know that. Those other barrier systems are probably damaged as well I add totally absolutely, and so ultimately you know looking at lifestyle we know sugar plays a huge role with all of this sugar, starches and whatnot, and so most people in our westernized countries were addicted to sugar. Starch should learn some strategies that you use with people are coming in. See You to help. Basically break those addictions in start transitioning night. I think that's really important in in the diabetes community. We see this all the time so i. were. November! Is Diabetes Awareness Month and Diabetes Day was recently and I'm reminded of this every year. Because the these diabetes organizations for whatever reason they love to put pictures of people with cupcakes and cakes and cookies up on Diabetes Awareness, day and for some reason they want to make people aware that diabetes is not caused by eating too much sugar. You know that's like their main push. They're they're very into like they don't want to kill people which I I understand, but I think it's unfortunately. It's not really a very good message because. I. Don't think those things are good for anybody and particularly, if you, can't process glucose properly. so I think the mindset is the most important thing and I and I like to get that really clear with people if somebody is, has sealy act disease and they're gluten intolerant. How much gluten should.

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