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It along the KK traffic tip line to fifty and traffic traffic on the hands every ten minutes, mornings and afternoons, right nobles. News ninety three point one K B K. Today will be very warm with plenty of sunshine, high near the record of eighty nine that was said in two thousand four mainly clear, low fifty two tonight and still sunny and very warm with highs in the upper eighties tomorrow and Saturday, I'm AccuWeather Heather zehr. News ninety three point one KF became if you're heading to the bay area. It is now sixty degrees in Oakland thirty five in south Lake Tahoe and sixty three at news ninety three point one K F B K stories trending on this Thursday morning. Joe Biden is officially running for president the former vice president made his long-awaited announcement this morning on Twitter and released a campaign video we give Trump eight years in the White House. He will forever and fundamentally alter the character this nation who we are. And I cannot stand by. In the video, Biden said America's core values are at stake in the coming election. This is the seventy six year old former Delaware senators fourth bid for the White House more and his announcement in five minutes. I knew USA today analysis shows that many communities across California are not prepared for emergency evacuations. It's as rural towns and cities like paradise twenty seven thousand residents try to escape the campfire. Just don't have enough lanes and roads to handle a sudden rush of people fleeing some of the northern California community specifically named in the report include south Lake Tahoe. Georgetown, four stale and pioneer and people also were stuck in traffic during the two thousand seventeen evacuations during the Orville dam spillway crisis. California taxpayers will pay for the trial of California's suspected Golden State killer a Bill sponsored by assemblyman. Jim Cooper says lawyers are expected to call more than two hundred witnesses and thousands of pieces of evidence and exhibits this Charleston cost twenty million dollars. We're talking for the public defender's office and the district attorney's office, and the counties the counties don't have enough money cases. Probably the biggest case in the history of California. So gonna make sure he's local jurisdictions get the funding they so desperately need yesterday. Mark the one year anniversary of the day that Joseph Dangelo was arrested in the case. The seventy three year old is accused of killing thirteen people hundreds of burglaries and robberies and several kidnapping kidnappings and rape from nineteen seventy four to nineteen eighty six California has seen major teacher strikes in Oakland, Los Angeles and most recently here in Sacramento, a new poll from the public policy institute of California says a majority of Californians support public school teachers going on strike for pay increases sixty one percent of respondents say they are okay with strikes, and that they believe teachers in their communities are just not paid enough. The same poll also shows a deep divide in support for charter schools with a split. That's nearly fifty fifty.

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