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I think it would be much more of a detriment for him then. Aj stuff age. I'm sure at this stage in this career. Edgy styles is like i don't care about wins and losses anymore. Like if there's a guy who's got nothing to prove on this roster anymore it's aj styles and they can. He could have a zero in. Thirty win-loss record and could pluck them into a universal championship and his dropping people be like get cool because it makes its aj saas right. I think i think it's more for aromas. I think he has to continue. I think he has to continue being in a position where i'm dominant. I can i can beat up to who equally big guys. But maybe they're a little shorter because i'm so tall. That's that's my principal attribute. He's he's all. He's very tall that i am but i'm completely with you and it stinks. Because i really liked the viking raiders but then again this is wwe. It's not necessarily the home for tag team wrestling either. So no it really isn't so i think we're both in agreement here both the so far so far all right. So let's let's keep this gravy train going then. Next month we're going to talk about. Is the raw women's championship rear ripley versus he's thinking about ric flair got ric flair on the mind rear believers charlotte flair for. I think i did some math before we started. This is the seventy third thousand time that ria in charlotte are in a match together. Isn't that do you believe my math. Right yeah you have to rate according to warren hayes calculation. Absolutely what what algorithm you used. But it's scientific. i have a calculator. Don't spell out your secrets. no that's it. I mean you know you have to have to pay the big bucks after to join the patriots to find. I.

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