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We're back then thirty six this is the bruce elliott show i'm bob share happy to be sitting in today we'll be here until noon four democratic senators are facing reelection and these i mean more than that but the four i'm thinking of are coming from states that donald trump won big time so they've got to think hard and fast about voting against trump's nominee for the supreme court this is the trump strategy on how they're going to get a nominee past here you're for senators senator joe donnelly of indiana senator claire mccaskill of missouri senator joe manchin of west virginia and senator heidi heitkamp of north dakota now out of those four senators and here's the proof of the pudding out of these four senators three of them supported trump's first nominee neal gorsuch donnelly voted for gorsuch manchin voted for gorsuch heidi heitkamp voted for gorsuch so we can assume and you can't assume anything i know that but we can assume those three will vote for this nominee claire mccaskill she's tough she did not vote for gorsuch well she didn't vote for gorsuch you probably won't vote for this nominee because this is gonna be a bloodbath this nomination is going through the process if you think your cousin doesn't talk to you now you wait until the nominee is announced on monday and the democrats start with their character assassination you gotta have more cousins that aren't talking to you it's going to be a nasty process unfortunately and that's what we have now all right let's let's talk to mike mike you there yes bob go ahead here bob no you gotta disagree with me but i like barrett's i like i like her she's a brilliant jurist i like her she's a member of the federalist society right she's a staunch catholic prolife she's the mother of seven right and she's been confirmed before right i like her not what i said was i don't think she's going to get the non i didn't say i don't like her i do like her i said that i don't think she's going to get the nomination because apparently something's already been leaked about her position on roe versus wade and they're going to try the republicans are going to try and disguise that you know with neil gorsuch nobody knew how he stood about anything you knew conservative track record but you know he didn't write papers about issues and things like that she's a law professor her was i mean some of her views are known and it's just perfect material for democrats the us against her to nomination yeah the republicans want trump wants to accomplish two things three things he wants number one he wants a young person he don't want an old man or an old woman he wants to buy it's going to be on that bench for the next forty years so that the his stamp is on that court so that's the first requirement number two he wants a conservative and number three he doesn't want the candidates views on specific issues to be known because it gives senators a lot of room to cross examine these people yeah you see what i'm saying and hair views apparently have been either leaked known and the fact she's got seven kids they're putting they're doing the math on her feeling about right or wrong they're doing the math yes i wouldn't pick cavanaugh i read that he helped john roberts right the decision upholding the affordable care i would would take cavenaugh all right appreciate it mike all right we're going to switch gears the face of democratic party we talked about it earlier we're getting into it again the new spokesperson the up and coming alexandria oh cossio cortes age twenty eight a grass roots activists what does that mean she goes around and protests a lot she pulled off the.

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