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To you by Associated Supply Company The impeachment trial of former President Trump gets underway today. Senate will spend four hours debating whether it's constitutional to try a president who has left office with Texas Republican John Cornyn, reminding everybody it's now ex President Trump a private citizen. Trump's lawyers say it's unconstitutional. But Cornell expert Michael Dorf said There is precedent Belknap case former Secretary of war William Belknap, who resigned in 18 76 hours before he was to be impeached. The Senate still tried him and top Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer says Trump shouldn't get a pass. Either. You cannot sweep it under the rug. Belknap was acquitted man Trump likely will be a swell since it would take two thirds of a 50 50. Senate to convict Saga Room agony. Washington World Health Organization says the coronavirus probably jumped from an animal to humans in China and did not emerge from a Chinese lab. That announcement was made this morning by a team of WH O investigators. They spent the last two weeks in Wuhan, China, the team says it is still not certain of the true origin of the coronavirus. Improvements to 1 83 could get underway later this year. A central Texas region Mobility authority picks Great Hill constructors as the company to design and build the nine mile stretch of improvements. It would add on another non told Lane and two told Blaine's in each direction. CTR Maze mark today says this project will help bring the stretches of the Metro closer together. Not only connecting the north to the south connecting Williamson with Travis this one's the critical one contract negotiations are ongoing. And if all goes as planned construction should start later this year. And the toll roads opened by 2026. John Colleen is radio K O B. J. Austen School district will consider bonuses for all teachers and staff Superintendent Stephanie ALS. Aldi has proposed $1000 retention bonuses for all full time teachers or staff who make up $250,000 for part time employees. She's proposed to $500 bonus and all would be eligible for that. Tells all day, so she's made this priority to the ongoing work employees have been putting in throughout the pandemic. Her proposal is on Thursday night school board agenda and if it's approved, those bonuses would go out next month. Patrick Osborne News Radio K LBJ Williamson County has taken the reins of the covert 19 wait list. Until this week it had been overseen by family Hospital Systems. Judge Bill Gravel says the county is now maintaining that database through its own website. Regardless of which medical provider people use to check your status, not necessarily your place in line, but you'll be able to check Your information to make sure that it's correct a 33 now. Kale BJ. Here's Austin's on time traffic with Melinda Brandt and the freeways don't look too bad. We are seeing just a little bit of congestion as you make your way North bound on 35 approaching slaughter to about Ben White. We also still have that collision out at 6 20 near General Williams and drive that continues to cause backups in both directions. You're next reports at 8 45. I'm Melinda brilliant with Austin's on time traffic. This segment brought mostly Sonny Hine today, 68 Increasing cloudiness. It would be mild tonight Low 54 from the Weather Center. I'm Steve Williams. This segment one.

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