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Today triple digits we may be hit and it it's already eighty one right now sunny here you see health training center as the Broncos opened camp what we talked to the coach will also get some analysis well about what the Broncos have done in the off season and maybe where they go this season if we bring in former Broncos kicker David Treadwell David thanks for joining us how do you feel what do you do you like the new energy the new blood yeah I really do I'm like how Vic Fangio command and kind of really taking control of the team unlike its attention to detail like how he holds players accountable he's an old school guy and I think he relates the players in a different kind of way so I think there is a different expectation would change you at the head coach yeah what about slack I mean that's the other huge change this year how much do you think he brings to this team and what does he bring to the team that maybe case Keenum Trevor Simeon and Paxton Lynch did not yeah great question April and and I'm kind of tired of the prognosticators kind of pull pull with Joe Flacco and he's washed up and you don't have anything left I think you've got a lot less than I think Broncos country will get to see it over the next few weeks in training camp Joe Flacco still has popped to your arm talent this guy can throw the football make all the throws what different about him from case Keenum and the guys in the past was specially case Keenum last year toward the end of the season you noticed opposing defenses just crowd in the line of scrimmage they're just there in the Broncos to run the football the Broncos riso go to run the football early on through the middle of the season imposing deeper into this began stopping that will be sure Joe Flacco he can stretch the field he get the ball down the field and make those big rose and open things up for the running game again so I think you're going to be a much more balanced attack with Joe Flacco quarterback yeah picking up on that with new offensive coordinator Rick ski or rich gang Torello it sounds like Vic Fangio is more than pleased with what he's been doing what is your expectation for what the Broncos can do under him well AT as we know he's kinda learned under Kyle Shanahan we know Kyle Shanahan worked for Gary Kubiak and hello I know a lot of people made this comparison but I remember back when the Broncos five Joe Flacco the best year Joe Flacco hand was in twenty fourteen we Gary Kubiak was involved with the coordinator for one year so I think Joe black hole work well in this west coast offense system and I think they got a lot of weapons if you if you tried to think right now I'm Mike you're pretty good at that I can't name a receiver for the ravens for the last couple years so he didn't have much talent to work with there so I think the talent he has here with the Broncos I really like the options are going to have open to play good to have your opinion David as always for Broncos kicker David Treadwell there nine twenty five time now for money news several.

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