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You're listening to public radio at five fifty one now from san ysidro port of entry on the us mexico border this is the california report good morning to you i'm john sepulvado this southern border has been the focal point of donald trump's foreign policy from the gecko here is announcing his plan to build a wall here back when he announced his candidacy for president in two thousand fifteen i would build a great wall and nobody builds walls better than me believe me and i'll build them very inexpensively i will build a great great wall on our southern border and i will have mexico pay for that wall mark my words it does not appear that mexico will pay for the wall and we are expecting president trump to examine border wall prototypes just a few miles from where i'm standing near brown field it's been interesting to see how many different ways barriers can be built companies from arizona mississippi alabama and one from israel have constructed eight border wall prototypes they're all taking turns trying to reinvent the wheel when it comes to walls now of course these prototypes all which cost less than a half million dollars to build our in many ways the secondary story here the larger one being this is the president's first official visit an office to california state that overwhelmingly disapproves of his job performance in fact last night a few miles from where i'm standing immigrant rights activists and environmental leaders gathered in san diego's chicano park long focal point for activism to say that trump isn't welcome in the city gene guerrero of ktbs has more the protesters chanted and how the sign saying revitalize not militarize vocalizing their opposition to trump's visit trump plans to personally inspect the prototypes through his promised wall among the speakers was congressman one vargas who promised to fight to get trump impeach welcome welcome here he would be welcome if he stopped his racism be stopped bidding people once and for all against each other it'd be acted like a president it'd be had a little decency other speakers to the wall is an expensive symbol of hate they say the existing one is ineffective because instead of stopping illegal immigration it has pushed it into dangerous areas where people have died by the hundreds each year they argue that a stronger taller wall will do the same for the.

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