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Donna. Good I. BEAT THIS I. This I need my phone twenty, twenty, every two minutes. That's Var closed. Trying to catch the Rona with us. At the moment. The homemade. Came back to Ma Much Ryan. Mess around with MS is busy. Social. Distance Though Santa Candy yesterday. Whole cast and place gainers ninety. Upper. Lie. Make coach. On your better. Goes the bear. No you did not trying to Kester. Commas. All these Dr Busy from. Arizona. owner. Homing. DNR came back to Mama I really really. Kidwai in. Everything is closed from. Cabinet on giant tactic. ME. homie. came running back to Mama. Kester. Go. Okay. been a while we had one negative I like that somebody needs Phantom. Yes. He has a bars. You got disinfect Joe Lettuce you're dead Taco Bell. TACO memo. Trying. Not to cast the now. All right. Let's talk about Corona Virus News Russia got vaccine y'all. PUT, Nick Five. Nick. They name everything but nick over there. Okay. Dame the the does that mean on the English it's just. despite. Satellite, I. Think it was the first satellite in orbit or something like that. Before. But I didn't know it was the words put mute something. A phrase. In. It means a travelling companion. Okay. So Just Google that. No problem you could have done this This they they name everything's fighting it. You know the they pollinate A. Nuke Sputnik and shit so. Yet I got named the COVID Nineteen Vaccines Sputnik. And according to Vladimir Putin says on daughters already taken a dose. So. We know who Patients Zero for. Zombie apocalypse will be if shit dog right officials have pledged administer the possible vaccine to millions this summer and fall a clue and tens of thousands of teachers of frontline healthcare workers in the coming weeks before even finishing clinical trials with the formula developed by Gum Leah Institute in..

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