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Well i gotta give him my weapon. My fish your successfully disarmed by the target as if it had succeeded at disarm combat maneuver cannot be disarmed with that could disarm the The the glove not his thunder fist. Us hammerfest my hammerfest is just my fist. Right it's early but the gauntlet. The prison gauntlet may not attacking with that. Either i mean does it. does it. say no specifies. If he's no. I know that. I know he didn't attack with it. Re read that again. Wartime for you are successfully disarmed by the target as if it had succeeded at a disarm combat maneuver against you. I mean i feel like as long as he had it on that that he could disarm that. I don't like it. Because i just can't rationalize i can't picture. It know what i mean. Yeah it's like it's like me. Swinging adam and then he grabbed my other hand and pulls my god off my fist. A critical failure is it. Soo failed so at this punch that you let this zombie. Pull off your god. I know you don't like it but the shit is how it goes. It's an extreme malay. So yeah it's also the extreme. I mean so it could have been way worse. So that's not so bad. You can still punch with your fist twice. Their weight is he turned into a hammerfest. We'll be your turn. There are or in europe or in is missing a decent chunk of his hp. So i think his first goal is probably just placed one of his own hands on his chest and cascais level to secure on himself. But i need about three d. Eight plus six hp back. I think so. We're go for that prudent. It seemed like a good idea to get about three d. eight six. Hp gonna roll three. One watch i hope not god. Damnit adam universe you did. Roll a one a three and a four so that is fourteen plus six three hundred six. Oh yeah that is fourteen you right right right. Yeah okay well. I'll take that that that'll work And a think or will hold off on a movement this term. All right ziva were okay so ziva his just gonna see her so she's just going to do some stuff over here She's going to need you to specify what stuff you're going to see sing. Her hair dude. Combat. do not rush the captain thing that i was going to do. I forgot that it did last time. So i can't do anything other than running so ziva charges in the charges in. She said you know it. Kinda just operate on vagaries cannot stand. Top of the robot can is difficult to terrain. Okay good 'cause. I just need like that okay cool. So now that i'm standing on top of the toppled robot. I can see through the door. And i will just downgrade my action to get them on which one The one that. I have line of sight with its right. So the one. That's in between typer and mike iraq was the one that's on the table. The jal already been working on not a bad first star alike getting A writes it is now. These re animated employees term associated eclipse innovations. Like fuck. that will make me. You have no idea how shitty it gets. It equips innovations we're describing the surface here. We're gonna start with the one that's on the table it's going to finish. It's gonna use the rest of its move action to stand on the other side of the table so it's just basically standing up And it is going to tackle. Mike with the slammer. Drop a deuce on him or something similar shit right on all right. That's a pretty good start here. We're got a thirty two to hit with that. So it's all right and that is going to do fifteen points of budgeting damage into my. Hp's the one in the back is going to take a move action to get off the table in of stand against the back wall and then is going to fire a shot at mike Low there is going to have to fire through his buddy so gonna have a little bit of cover their plus forty. Your ac aright probably gonna miss with a twenty three on a hit that thirty no problem no problem and then we got the one right in front of new. That's in the middle. That was already standing. Said they are going to full attack mode. That is the one. However i did just rolling natural twenty So doesn't matter about that shaken. When we roll to confirm that's an nineteen so that is a confirmed. I think we need dice camp. Okay so the extremists. Sonic so that turns out his a sonic slam. We'll see boy all right. So the let's see kinetic perfect shot you gain one resolve point. Who nice. I like it where to go working. I'm so happy for you.

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