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This, dog radio. Pets, people. Culture hi everyone we're continuing on with a big. Fat petma- Joe I think I'm speaking fussier than I normally do to try and get all of. These myths in here's one for you and this was, for my friend Sarah in England who's listening right now and she and this is a blanket statement that people put on people. Who work time you shouldn't have a dog or cat if you. Work full time but here's the thing is a terrible statements, puts on people especially, people like Sarah who's one of the most amazing parents as I know she said it is so much better than not. In the shelter they're in a warm home that they have, a dog, Walker you know they, have a pet sitter Can. Aid you when you're at work I mean I think that's, a really important thing, those services so readily available these days so you can't make that blanket statement that you should not have a dog or. A cat if you fulltime that's a myth were on more, than time, when it's about you well I just did which is. Great Fantastic Was my next. One I swear to. Goodness I actually paid this. Down there was so many of, the of, course like I, said at the top of the, show you would not go in depth in any of these Mississippi with the ones that have lots of science behind, them and they're much deeper readings and articles on research that we're going to post that you can go down that rabbit hole of, education which is a good, thing which is a really good. Thing so my next list here we. Go My resources for this, particular chunk of myths dot com Becca Ronnie Habib gene Dodds dot to Bobby Royal Listrik animal advice Facebook page join join it such, a good paid pet folded, you talked about earlier on net. Flex watched the documentary and the dog Oh my gosh. Why do I why I wrote this is an acronym now, can't remember it. Is, the dog cancer. Series community dot Kansas series community on Facebook you do not have to join it. You don't have to. Have a dog with. Cancer cancer to join it you'll learn so many things about nutrition, on leave -able say we, go here now this was interesting this. Was posted and and some of the here's a. Math dogs can't have grains it is a myth it. Is a myth. Here's the thing you have to understand is they, shouldn't have, grains but bene- Duggal tolerate it but. It's not. Biologically appropriate for them so it really it really is not a myth It's not an. Event they shouldn't have. Grains the there's no biological need for that although they will tolerate, it but do you want, your dog or cat to tolerate grains. No it's not a good thing Kimble clean teeth We hear? This, so many times favorite myth. Big fat math Cheetos clean teeth. Brushing your teeth with, Cheetos? They love and here's the thing if that's the case why why is it the? Dogs, that affect capable need yearly dental cleanings every year routinely yeah And. Why is it, that raw, fed dogs or dogs that, have given, role meaty bones they they don't. Have, to have the teak going they get a mechanical cleaning, gets abrasive it keeps them. Busy they joy it your. Dogs love a good old bone you know but? Not just any old bone? Again we're gonna give you a link for the correct bones but that. Is a myth Kibble does not clean teeth wouldn't. You love to know who started, these Mets who was. The womb person. That said that I would love to know started that, here we go here's another one dogs and cats can be vegetarian it's neither a vegan. Vegetarian diet our species appropriate dogs I'm the carnivals they. Can tolerate some, fruits and, veggies are small percentage and. It has. Survey really chopped up. In the food processor, in? Order to do that if you met your own food cats are obligate carnivores they? Ma Must have meat. To thrive If, you of feeding your, pet a vegan vegetarian diet. It is called nutritional abuse you're going. To hear. It a lot this year you're going. To hear it a lot. It blows, my mind. Away, Jimmy, vegetarian, even. Vegan no no no no our. Dogs will eat. Species-appropriate diet here's. The thing you can't say I love animals that much to the point that you will. Abuse your own, animal nutritionally it's it's dreadful and there are some big names in the world who are really promoting this because it's been paid by a vegan dog food, and they have such influence. And, it is, really dangerous really really dangerous So that's a myth that is an absolute myth I know it's a Noah lots of people, can't cope with the thought, of my gosh animals you, know, my destiny A dead animal that you can have to come to terms, with the science. You just have. To come to terms, with the science. You can't put just your beliefs on, your pats because they don't. Have that choice to say hang, on on. It's a me. They don't have beliefs. They have needs they, have needs the high to eat. The hierarchy of dogs. Needs if you look on. The pyramid it's water here. We go dogs will get sick if they eat raw I'm, sick. And tired, of eating I'm sick and tired of each. Of this I really am sick and tired of hearing this we feed a Rhode Island that, we prepare at. Home yeah I've. Never goes with dogs, that ever got. Sick here's the thing here's your answer, you've got to know this. The dog's stomach has a ph, of one. To two point. Five five and they. Can handle terrier it, is highly Siddiq there you go One's. A math highest CITIC it's highly acidic acid that stomach yes it, is what a human ph now. You can find out. For us Jim Here's, one. Cancer in animals all genetic that's a myth? Only ten percent of cancers in animals, genetic ninety percent, is environmental exposure to toxins bad food, pollution what. Is it going to go with this, so when, he comes to a pet like. I said join the dog Kansas. Series, community group join it you will learn so much about nutrition the environment, tuxedo Things like get. Rid of, your plug in airfresheners get rid of your dryer sheets or eliminate things. Are, not. Good for you not go for your. Kids not good for, your pets eliminate them they are. Known to cause cancers and other problems you really need to try and take. A holistic approach in every which way you can for your, entire family that includes your. Pets but, yes ninety percent and fight is in fight environmental when. It comes to cancer scary though we've got, a high, percentage, cancer impacts it is really frightening left of? That a frightening myths let's go to, some funny stuff, just really fully things that made me, laugh here's. One black dogs and cats are the, devils little helpers Maybe This is, fantastic, great. Though the black dog that was devil. Halpern she was lost all the. Devils she had that. One she crazy half.

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