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Coming up on KCBS mom we'll hear from a woman who came up with the idea for this Saturday's Tony Bennett virtual sing along in San Francisco the forty Niners traded the thirteenth overall pick to Tampa Bay for their selection number fourteen overall the Niners also got back a fourth rounder in exchange and with that fourteenth pick the Niners went with six five three hundred twenty five pound defensive lineman Joe von Kim law out of South Carolina long arms explosive a very good interior pass rusher every year the top pick in the NFL draft gets the lion's share of attention no different this year even on the virtual draft LSU quarterback Joe burrow goes number one in the draft to the Cincinnati Bengals a young man started L. issue is senior year throwing for over fifty six hundred yards in sixty TV's led the Tigers to the national championship but he told ESPN's Suzy Kolber there was no way last year at this time that he dreamed of going number one in the NFL draft because all I did I was a very good my junior year you know it's pretty simple I will I worked really hard to get better all my guys worked really really hard to get better we and we just gelled as a team this year to to do exactly what we did we weren't I mean I just wasn't as good as I was my my senior year but I worked really really hard to improve Joe burrow out of Athens Ohio the top pick in the draft six four two twenty there is hope for Cincinnati at the sports stats Kevin Raddatz KCBS you hear that that's the.

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