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On life support in April that's when the pandemic peaks department commissioner Dermot Shea tweeted the said announcement Sunday night The New York Times is accepting the resignation of its editorial page director following the publication of a controversial op ed James Bennett left after the paper printed the article last week from Arkansas senator Tom cotton the piece was called send in the troops and it made reference to one rest caused by protests following the death of George Floyd the new acting editorial page editor through the November election is Katie Kingsbury federal prosecutors make a formal play for testimony from prince Andrew as they investigate alleged conspiracies and accomplices of Jeffrey entsteht ABC's Aaron Katersky files this report by passing Buckingham Palace federal prosecutors in New York sought testimony from prince Andrew through a mutual legal assistance treaty with the U. K. prince Andrew was not their target rather we're told prosecutors want to talk to him as a witness to potential crimes committed by associates of Jeffrey Epstein he died by suicide while in federal prison on sex trafficking charges U. S. attorney Geoffrey Berman has made no secret of his desire to talk to the Duke of York about his interactions with Epstein and his former girlfriend got an actual well in the York in the Virgin Islands and in London Erin cuter ski ABC news New York a Massachusetts man is dead after being ejected from his car then hit by a tractor trailer following a crash on the New York State Thruway state police report that forty five year old Robert Herrington of Waltham Massachusetts struck the guardrail southbound near exit fifteen A. in Woodbury at about eleven PM Saturday the man was ejected onto the highway then was hit by the tractor trailer pronounced dead at the scene no word on what caused the accident former president Barack Obama is calling the events of twenty twenty so far from corona virus to the ongoing civil unrest over police brutality a wake up call to new graduates met mensen has more in a virtual address Sunday Obama said the two crises meant the status quo is not working that well for Americans the former president said the current generation doesn't have to accept what was considered normal before and it's an opportunity for the graduates Matt Matt incident NBC news radio yet another moderate earthquake has hit the city of ridgecrest California the U. S. Geological Survey says the magnitude four point three quake struck Sunday night shortly after nine PM Pacific time the area has been a hotbed for activity lately seeing a three point five Saturday night and a nine point five last Wednesday and also saw two major earthquakes last July the news is sponsored by unbound dot org right now other young people across the world facing a tough.

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