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Corning every one this is mark zinni for channel 3 eyewitness news if you're heading into the city new york's governor is increased security at airports bridges tunnels and mass transit systems following a vehicle attack on a bike path near the world trade center eight people were killed and eleven were injured when a man drove a rented truck down a bike path tuesday police say they shot and wounded the attacker but he is expected to survive a us official familiar with the investigation into what happened said the man's from pakistan and came to the us in 2010 connecticut governor dental malloy has signed a new twoyear bipartisan forty one point three billion dollar budget however he next some portions of the bill that are related to attacks on hospitals the governor said he had a few other issues with the bill he now hopes lawmakers will return to make some fixes police have ruled the death of a fifteen month old from torrington a homicide investigators say the child had been hidden had submerged in a bathtub and also at alcohol in his system the baby was found unresponsive inside of home on south main street back in june the boys mom told police she left him with a friend while she attended a school event for her daughter no arrests have been made but police do say this is now criminal investigation as of last night approximately thirty two thousand ever source customers were still without power following the severe weather on sunday most of those outages are located in the southeast corner of the state line repair workers from other states including ohio in missouri had been called in to help get everyone back on line hopefully by noon on thursday that's the news on the.

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