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Surprised. Get tons of great recipe ideas at large lean dot com. Treat yourself to a McConnell morning Mike McConnell tomorrow morning at five on 700 wlw traditional lead off the Royals first inning. Nothing. Nothing are scoring cowboy. We get our second look at Michael Lorenzen. He's into his wind up in his first pick to Jarrod Dyson is a strike called over the outside corner in its own one. What are you watching? Four out of five. I hope that we will see a normal Michael Lorenzen today and not the one that was throwing 90 miles an hour in the last ball game. Out back by Dyson is behind the counter balls and two strikes. He said He was about 90% with his fastball after that start and that his focus was really just on trying to get his breaking pitches down. Which is when you hear guys talk about how they prepare in spring training is kind of the opposite of what you normally hear. You get your arm length and down. Stretch it out with the fastball, and then you pick up the breaking ball about halfway through spring training, maybe a little bit before halfway fastball mist up in a way. Here's the 12 pitch and a swing and a miss. He strikes out Gerard Dyson. There's one away. David Bell talked about it before the game, and it certainly sounds like he wants to see a little more out of Michael Lorenzen today. Think the Reds over all want to see him a little closer. To what You expect out of him? Once you get into the regular season and Reuben in 10 D'backs, now on Lauren's and brings it home and the pitch is up too high Ball one. Intend. E is two for 13 this spring. That's a 1 54 mark. Friends and into his wind up back to the plate, and the pitch is a strike over the inside corner. No 11 pitch. Stop the outside edge, and it's a two ball one strike count. If the radar readings are accurate. On the surprise stadium scoreboard. The 21 swing and a miss. There was It appeared to be a fast ball at 89. Two balls. Two strikes. Nobody on one out. Friends and back into his wind up in home of the 22 pitch, and it's up to high Polk County Miss that time of the fastball. 92 miles an hour. And not to the sign steps back and delivers fouled straight back. Benintendi put a good swing on that fastball. And it's a full count three balls and two strikes. Benintendi. First was that really highly regarded prospect of the Red Sox for a long time and Alice swing and a miss breaking ball from Lorenzen to strike out Benintendi, but He's coming off.

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