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On the sobriety Fox News But on day three of her confirmation hearing His Supreme Court nominee, Amy Cockney, Barrett is still facing skepticism from Democratic senators. Fox's Rachel Sutherland has more live. Lisa's Republicans continue to make the case for judge Barrettes. Fitness. Democrats are asking questions concerning the health of the nation. Barrett pushed back on center Amy Klobuchar suspicion she was aware of President Trump's opposition to Obamacare before she was nominated. Flemish are all these questions. You're suggesting that I have animus or that I cut a deal with the president and I was very clear yesterday that that isn't what happened. Republican Chuck Grassley says Democrats are using scare tactics, distortion and speculation. The Supreme Court is set to take up on Obamacare case on November 10th. Lisa. Thanks, Rachel. Capacity limits ordered by Wisconsin's governor in the fight against Corona virus are temporarily blocked as a court fight continues over that. Fox's Jeff Man also has this line. Sawyer County, Wisconsin judge has temporarily blocked an order from Democratic Governor Tony Evers that limited the number of people to 25% in bars, restaurants and other public places, including churches and polling places through November, 6th. The ruling after the tavern League of Wisconsin Sue the state say the governor's orders amount to a de facto closure restrictions that Evers says help curb the spread of Corona virus seed Wisconsin that case back in court next week, Please thanks Jaff. Nationwide, the number of lives lost to covert in the US now tops 216,000 federal appeals court has just agreed to fast track a Justice Department appeal of a ruling that blocks the government from banning knew TIC TAC downloads. From US APP stores. All briefs are now Dubai, November. 12th in that ongoing case, America is listening to me. This report is sponsored by Compassion International. Staying Connected continues with 1061 FM Talk since the 2016 general election more than 37,000 black voters in North Carolina and no longer identify as Democrats activist Antoine Thomas with the Blacks if movement told ABC 11 in Raleigh, it's a pivotal time what tells us because that's what leads it stands at the forefront. We believe in free thinking overall, the total number of North Carolinians to move away from a particular party. Or than 218,000 in the past four years early in person voting gets under way Tomorrow marking the occasion, President Trump will hold an airport rally in Greenville and from the other side of the aisle, Senator Kamala Harris will visit Charlotte and Asheville. Some good news on the job front, Richard Stelling reports ups is expanding in the triad, and that means more jobs are coming to the area. Governor Cooper said yesterday, UPS will invest about $315 million in two sites and Gilford in Alamance County. He's the company plans to expand its existing Albin Greensboro and build a new package care center at the North Carolina Commerce Centre and Graham Cooper says the science will create some 600 jobs altogether that go up over the next four years. I'm Richard selling Ah Haywood County Mother's facing charges in connection to the death of her baby wlos TV, Asheville reports 25 year old Channing Evans was indicted for involuntary manslaughter and child abuse. Investigators say her 10 month old daughter died last year from serious injuries. Evans boyfriend was charged earlier this month with murder Winston Salem Police are investigating a video that shows a man admitting to sexually assaulting an eight year old girl. Officers say they began receiving reports about that video on Sunday after it was posted to Facebook. Additional posts include a screen shot of the man believed to be the suspect. Officers are asking anyone who can help with their investigation to please come forward with continuing news updates. I'm Kyle Wilson..

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