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I i have let me see 'cause. I might not even be do have now. He's gonna make me certain code and all that all right so if we get him we'll go ahead and bring them on. If not i'll go ahead. Jack during the commercial break y also for the option of mikhael harry but I think all email. And if it's worse let me see what the caller The salary implications would be kilo. Cute clear a year options are likely to be on okay. So nuclear areas on this are that we go ahead and open list to see To salary cap contract. Okay there we go so the savings would be. It's loading it's loading. It's loading Current contracts doesn't have his fifth year. Option leased okay. So if we were to cut him at the end of this year pre for june first-rate. Obviously you that be How soon. I the patriots will take on one point. Three four million dead cap in twenty two points three four one six three million in the twenty two dead cap but they would have overall cap savings one point for three or one point for one three three thirty two and then if we were to cut him up listen say that host. I john we would if we cut him after training camp this year. Let's see Be three million four hundred thousand twenty eight dollars and thirty two dollars if antonio one dead cap it'd be one point three or four one sixty three and dead cap and twenty twenty two at it would be. It would be now shop savings after this year other than if we were to cut him. Next year pre june first released would be two point. Fifteen thousand two million fifteen thousand dollars in dead cap but we would save one almost basically when almost one point two million dollars in cap savings every were to release him posting. I same amount add an. Oh yeah i would basically be the same out via. Yeah it'd be the same the first or second june. I cut We're going go ahead and take a little break. All of the fifth year option and will be at check to see if we can have our special guests and we'll be right back okay So very i can't run another option right now. see Okay i'm trying to currently now are needed to choose thousand. It'd be twenty china dogs and three. I can literally not find any of rec- twenty twenty this year this year option. You pulled up kyle. Murray says option. We see twenty twenty two guess. It wouldn't come out until next year probably so it looks like we're not gonna be able to find what is just your option would be probably not going to come up anyway But the point of it would be that the niners without the option of being able to pick it up if they wanted to be an officer would be you know that. Could be the jumping off point on new those Or honestly probably would be awesome thirty. So i don't even think we will pick up with your opposite simply. I believe we would either signs a new contract war that we would cut. You would be on the team. By the time you picked up his fifth year option or we would be okay with having them walking in in free agency now. Ours have not been seen listed as somewhere he's rumored soobee going I could get changes out and that actually makes me feel more calm. Were gonna get in because it seems like all the trees were most rumored to be you know in never seem to get them but the one that that's quiet you know that you never hear about ones that we get like. Nobody heard that we were chatting up china's rain up especially number three. Nobody heard that nobody arrogant we were shop into fourth buckner. I don't remember saying anything about us being rumored to have a trade with for for deferred So a lot of the the less you hear rumblings seems to be more likely that the niners are in it now. We were in uncle. Mac and who were ruined their.

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