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We're both in beautiful San Diego. And I'm happy to be back here hanging out with you, my friend. Well, welcome back. Welcome back bread. What do you think you learned in the days of hold their feet fire there? Well, listen, the intensity still burns, very strongly. People are really committed and I can tell you based on the calls. We were getting in the guests. We had and listening to the other hosts who were surrounding me. People are really engaged on the immigration issue in a huge way. And I think we saw that in the Rasmussen numbers that came out a couple of late last week. That said listen people are on fire about wanting border security. And I think the average person is doing a pretty good job of separating the noise of abolish ice and all that and keeping that separate from the securing the border need that is I think clearly present so. I think we've won the argument over all. But it's important to keep reminding people about why winning that argument matters to them. Well, it also the translation of winning that argument into actually something political happening for sure because the political institutions are dead set against any kind of border security for a whole variety of reasons we've discussed at nauseam without a doubt without a doubt. It's true. You know, I had somebody on from the national border patrol union. But but from the local here in San Diego, he was at he was at the at the at hold their feet to the fire. And he was we were talking about this. And he reminded me of something about the border patrol because when these men and women are out there, bravely patrolling some, you know, some pretty open wide space out there solo running those operations when they come upon people that are in genuine need, a mother and her children are a family or a group of people who have been trekking across the desert in the in the in in the heat at that moment, they're acting as both police officers and sorta like EMS workers after rescue these people and what the border patrol the from the local here in San Diego said to me is. They more rescues the board of troll effects more rescues than any other federal agency on an annual basis, which is remarkable. And you think about the coast guard you think about everybody else, but the border patrol rescues more people. Happens every day. It's absolutely true. The ugly flipside of that is it's often deliberately done by the coaches and their cartel masters to get the border patrol into the saving people mode. So that they can slip around with the drug ship. Tackling in an area does not now covered by the border patrol because they are off saving a great point. This is a war, and it's an unconventional wards asymmetric war. And we we've got to we've got to win it. So with that in mind, what do you say we jump into the bare knuckled naked politics of the moment, shall we? Why why not? All right. So there he was the one he showed up at the university of Illinois Araj on the scene, Barack Obama. He's back rested. And ready taken on Donald Trump. He said, yeah. Nice. Nice economy. You got there, Donald you know, it all belongs to me. Don't you? What do we what do we make of this Raj two hundred and ten thousand new jobs in this latest report and Barack Obama what's credit for everyone? It's a it's a speech that is testimony to the fact that ex presidents ought to keep quiet for a long while George Bush understood this he kept quiet. He didn't say I told you so or anything. And and he was right to do. So because you know, better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. In a sixty four minute speech, Barack Obama referred to himself either. Using the words I me or mine a hundred and two time. Oh now because he wanted to take credit for everything blame everything that's going wrong in his view on Donald Trump and the Republicans, and it was the most partisan most superficial most unpacked checked speech that any major politician is given in this country in a long time the fawning the obsequious reporting by by reporters who are tough on getting the facts it right now where it was Chuck Todd for crying out loud. This is a this is a parody of a speech with regard to. Well. Let's take the economic thing you brought up with regard to him saying well things are going. It all started with me. Well, let's see now record number of people on food stamps down four million people since Trump was elected true. You can go through all the stats this month. Two hundred one thousand jobs created there wasn't one single month in Obama's term of office in which two hundred one thousand jobs were created the black unemployment rate is near a record low of all time did that start with Obrock Obama. You know, I don't remember that. I remembered the black unemployment, particularly youth unemployment numbers being astronomic and the answer. The Democrats had was let's increase welfare food stamps and Obama phones. So this this whole speech again was proof positive that former presidents really ought to keep quiet and let history do the talking because they are they are. You know, this this speech was an embarrassment. Okay. I'm gonna aggravate you just a little bit. I want to just give you want to give you like fifteen seconds of what he said because there's something because this was something you documented extensively from the moment. He took office fired up. We're just about ten fifteen seconds of this go when I came into office in two thousand and we were losing eight hundred. Eight thousand jobs a month. Eight hundred thousand millions of people were losing their homes. Many were worried we were entering into a second.

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