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Stephen Vogt, D backs and athletics tonight, the final game of that Siri's, and then they'll move across the bay. And take on the Giants. So I will be back home for a while. Alex Young versus Shaman IA tonight, but let's talk to a Steven Vody joins us courtesy. Of the whom I guess like, Welcome home. How are you, man? I'm doing great. How are you guys were doing great. Thanks. Great. I remember that moment in Cincinnati eight. Not then, and you brig complete to come back. But you're back in the bay area and you are gonna be playing the Giants this weekend. Steven want to get your thoughts, But you are in Oakland, a two time All Star. How weird is it to come back to the Coliseum? Can you even go over and see Bo Mellor? Loser anybody? Is it like coming home And then you know, everybody moved and locked the doors. Kind of weird. Yeah, definitely different field this year than they did last year. Coming back. Obviously, any time I get to come back to the Bay Area, Super special and so many great memories on both sides of the bay now, But really every time I get to go to Oakland, you know It's a place where I grew up is a baseball player grew up is a person. I was able to kind of peaked my head in and say hi but not allowed inside the club house. You know, with the Tobin protocols and things like that, But I was able to catch up with some of my former teammates out on the field from a safe distance and masked up. By the way. You throw that climber in there, Um But but no, it really is a lot of emotions and great memories. Get pulled out whenever I get to come back here. Plus, you know, along those same lines in a in a stadium where I still remember your opposite field single hit, your arm goes up in the air, and how crazy against especially the playoffs over there, and they embraced you so well, especially the guys out in right field. How much fun it is to walk into a stadium? It just has cardboard cut outs. How weird is that part of it? It's really weird. You know, I talk a lot of my teammates on the D backs. This is their first time coming to Oakland, you know, within early being so sporadic and You know, I really almost apologized like man. You guys are not gonna get too Experience the full Coliseum treatment. You know, it really is a special place with those fans when it's packed and anyone it's not packed. The fans are great, and the Coliseum has its own feel and It's just such a naughty place to play a baseball game. But you know, it's really fun going in and the memories air there and whether the fans they're they're not obviously missed seeing them and being able to say hi, but, uh It's such a such a great place with so many memories and really enjoyed my my first day there yesterday. And how you're coming to. Ah, across the bay. You're here in the bay Area for an extended stay. Here s O. Obviously, the ace fans love you. But the Giants fans love you. The Cincinnati home run was just epic. And you were just so Claude so many big hits and just love the fact you did it without batting gloves on. You're such a gamer. I know you grew up, You know, love in the giant. So what was last year's experience like it was a hard year. Obviously, guys got hot in July, but overall, what was it like to be a San Francisco Giants? Stephen Honestly, it was a dream come true, it would really was growing up. Just such a huge fan of baseball Onda Giants were were the main point of that. The memories I have of going toe watch giant games. The memories I have of being at the very first game at PacBell. And and so many great moments over the course of my childhood and no young adult life, just loving the Giants and loving baseball, So I get a chance to come put that uniform on. Play with those guys that I had I had admired from playing against them and watching To play for that fan base that I was a part of his a kid. It truly was special. So you go back to that night in Cincinnati. I still reminisce that night quite often and watch the replays and Yeah, That was a big night for me personally as well. Just get back to the big leagues after a career threatening injury and contribute to a comeback come from behind win like that was super special, but You know, my family and I we We loved our time with San Francisco and with the Giants organization, it's first class. People in the fans embraced us. And even though I had been, you know, in a for so long they welcomed us with open arms and it was great. Stephen Vogt. Good enough to join us one more against the A's for the Diamondbacks, and then they go across the bay to taking on the Giants. I think you've probably heard the news, but maybe not. But joy bark up got called up today by the by the Giants. I'm sure you spoke with him in spring training worked with them. What do you think of joy, Bart? Calm and good for him. I had not heard that yet. Uh, He's a great kid. You know, I really enjoyed my spring training the one I had with him and you know, we kept in touch a little bit throughout the season. Just kind of checking in to see how you're doing. And, um, this is this guy's going to be a really good catcher for a very long time. I know the bat is going to get a lot of talk, but My experience with him was just He's somebody that has has it. He's got it. He's well beyond his years. As far as his I Q is work ethic He wants to work and Um, obviously now with the With Buster. I know he's out this year, but just having him there, I'm sure they're talking quite a bit, even though with the season going on, so he's in. He's in a good place, and I'm excited to see what he condo's and obviously I wish they would've waited a few more days to bring him up. You know, now know. Now we get Teo get to experience the Joey Barton era so to speak the beginning of it, so he's going to be a great catcher for a long time. I'm excited for him. So talk about it's catching. I do want to get the Stephen Vogt scouting report on how to get him out. But as a catcher, he's a bigger guy. He's 6 ft. To the Giants air having their catchers this year, and I was watching you the other day against the age and you're doing it as well. And I don't know if you've always done this, or is this a late in your career? Development with the way they want that low pitch frame. But getting down on one knee is what the giant catcher's you're doing and I see you do it not only with the bases empty with a runner On basic kind of ready to pounce if you have to throw but talk more about his pitch, framing the ability to get that low, wanted his size. How he throws how he calls a game. What have you seen? I know it wasn't a whole lot in spring training. Begin your scouting report defensively on Joey's Steven, if you would Yeah. I mean, this is a kid that you know when we're doing drills in spring training, you watched his hands and he understands. You know he's got. He's got great hands..

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