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And how has the outright changed after charlottesville i'm noel kingdon i'm steve inskeep violence against protestors brought an intense focus on white nationalist groups by hero of many nationalists steve bannon the suffered setbacks also this hour liberia reruns of presidential election the candidates include a soccer star who says he is not accustomed to lose it and gina rack visits in orphanage in iraq some residents are the children of parents who joined isis it's wednesday december 27th the birthday of our own cokie roberts the news is next live from npr news in washington i'm nor rahm in virginia the state board of elections has postponed a tiebreak in an election that could help determine which party controls the house of delegates a threejudge panel certified the race was a tie between the incumbent delegate david yancey and the democratic challenger shelly simon's sarraya winter smith of member station w cv has more with democrats planning a legal challenge to the recount result officials on the virginia abortive elections what to wait until the court proceedings play out the board chairman james alcorn said via twitter that virginia voters are best served when substantive concerns about and election or recount are addressed before the board resorts to a random name drawing sarraya winter smith from member station wsb the the trump administration says next year's un budget is being cut five percent npr's laura walmsley reports us ambassador to the un nikki haley is trumpeting a two hundred eighty five million dollar reduction in the un budget in a statement she calls it a historic reduction in spending and says quote we will no longer let the generosity of the american people be taken advantage of in fact the un budget has been reduced repeatedly in recent years wealthy nations like the us push for a smaller budget as a matter of course since they paid a lion's share of the money the un budget is negotiated every two years in 2015 the cuts were even beggar president trump and amassador haley have been frequent critics of the united nations and its spending the united states is the largest individual contributor responsible for 22 percent.

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